Nanhua County Accommodation

We offers all kinds of hotels in Nanhua County for tourists. Here we have collected where to stay in Nanhua County for travelers. All hotels are with good location, cost-efficient prices and considerate services.


Nanhua Zhennan Hotel (南华镇南酒店)
Address: In the oppsite of Goverment Affairs Center in Longping Road
Telephone: 0878-7302988


Nanhua Hotel (南华大酒店)
Address: In the east side of Nnhua South Road
Telephone: 0878-7210888

Nanhua Huaxin Hotel (南华华鑫大酒店)
Address: Next to Jiexxin Garden Longping Road

Nanhua Jundu Hotel (南华菌都酒店酒店)
Address: In the Nanyong Road and Huaqiang Road

Nanhua Tianhe Hotel (南华天和酒店)
Address: No.31, Longqi Road of Longchuan Town
Telephone: 0878-8991222

Nanhua Fulin Hotel (南华福林酒店)
Address: In the west side of Nanyong Road of Longchuang Road
Telephone: 15288553295

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