Jiangdong Gingko Village in Tengchong County, Baoshan

Chinese Name:腾冲江东银杏村
English Name:Jiangdong Gingko Village in Tengchong County, Baoshan

Jiangdong Village is adjacent to the Volcano Geo Park and the Prismatic Joint scenic spot of Tengchong County, western Yunnan Province. For long, the village has been depicted as “(gingko) trees are growing in homes, and homes are set under tress”. The village deserves to be called the Gingko Village because it abounds in about 33,000 gingko trees, of which some 270 are at least 200 years old. It is most likely the largest, most intensive, and most ancient gingko forest ever found in Yunnan Province. Nestling among mountains and cottages, these gingko trees have made the village more quaint and profound. During October and December, the ubiquitous golden gingko leaves turn Jiangdong Village into a fairyland.

iangdong ancient gingko village a YuTeng north east town east and solid, for the more than 2000 mu of distribution of concentrated the ginkgo tree and is known as the ancient ginkgo village, the village’s 820 households and 3773 people, with an average annual temperature 14.6 ℃ with an average annual rainfall in the 1560-1750-mm, because of volcanic ash deposition area, fertile soil. Soil special, what produce gingko “color white and bright, taste sweet and strong, fruit round and big”, is the YinXingGuo top grade. The village planted gingko has a long history, at present there are more than 3000 strains of ginkgo village, among them 500 years old about fifty strains. More than 400 of the more than 70 plants, in the village “gingko” is the production, but also of “harmonious” pronoun, a large number of ginkgo tree in the front to the back of the NongHuGu luxuriant growth and there is no man but divided, soft and sentimental, looking far died “village in the tree, Lin in the woods”, want to reflect into view, having a unique style. Golden autumn leaves, fruits ManCang colorful, village on the way in full shop golden fallen leaves, and the leaves to remember fan blowing, by the villagers called solitary way that “gold blanket” “autumn makeup” for my county features the typical representative of rural tourism.

The Jiangdong Ancient Gingko Village is located to the southeast of the Gudong town in the northern part of Tengchong County. It is called the ancient gingko village because there are over 2,000 mu of ancient gingko trees growing in the village. The village has 820 households and 3,773 villagers, the mean annual temperature of the village is 14.6 ℃ and the mean annual precipitation of the village is between 1,560 and 1,750 mm.

Because of the fertile and special volcanic ash soil of the village, the gingkoes produced in the village are “white and bright, fragrant and luscious, round and large” and belong to top-class gingkoes.

The village has a long gingko planting history. Currently, there are over 3,000 gingko trees growing in the village. Of them, 50 are over 500 years old and 70 are over 400 years old. In this village, the gingko is not only a kind of product but also represents “harmony.” So many gingko trees grow and thrive in front of and behind the farm houses. They are mild and kind, provide so much but ask for nothing.

From a long distance, visitors could see “the village is in the gingko woods and the gingko woods are in the village.” It is quite a unique sight. When the golden autumn comes, the ginkgo fruits will hang on the trees, the falling leaves will fly in the air and the small roads of the village will be fully covered by golden leaves. Villagers jokingly called these sights the “golden carpet” and “autumn decoration,” which are typical scenes of the county’s countryside tourist resources.

Address: Jiangdong village, Gudong town, Tengchong county
Tel (town): 0875-5851026