Nanhua County Administrative Divisions

Administrative division of Nanhua County can show tourists traditional villages and places to visit in Nanhua County.

Nanhua County’s jurisdiction is over 6 town, 4 townships: Longchuan Town(龙川镇), Shaqiao Town(沙桥镇), Wujie Town(五街镇), Hongtupo Town(红土坡镇), Tujie Town(兔街镇), Majie Town(马街镇), Yulu Township(雨露乡), Yijie Township(一街乡), Luowuzhuang Township(罗武庄乡), Wudingshan Township(五顶山乡).

Traditional Villages of Nanhua County

Yuanjia Yakou Village of Yulu Town in Nanhua County, Chuxiong Prefecture (楚雄州南华县雨露白族乡袁家丫口村)