Mingxing Scenic Area of Fuxianhu Lake, Yuxi

Why is Mingxing Scenic Area So Special?

Mingxing Scenic Area of Fuxianhu Lake, Yuxi

Mingxing scenic Area(明星风景区) is located in the West Bank of Fuxian Lake, the junction of Jiangchuan District(江川区) and Chengjiang County(澄江县), 12 kilometers away from Luchong(禄充). On the west side of the highway from Chengjiang to Jiangchuan, there is a Biyun Mountain(碧云山). On the third day of the third lunar month, it is the temple fair day of Biyun Temple. Most of Central Yunnan people will come here at that time.

The Mingxing scenic area, including Mingxing fish cave(明星鱼洞) and Biyun mountain two major attractions. Mingxing fish cave is located in the west bank of Fuxian lake, about 1 km from Mingxing village(明星村), Jiangcheng town(江城镇), Yuxi city. There are hundreds of ancient fishing holes and spring opening, rich in natural resources and beautiful environment, Mingxing fish cave is a good place for people to travel, sightsee, and relax. There are abundant supporting facilities, dozens of fish restaurants and parking pots are built with reinforced concrete along the lake. Mingxing Scenic area has opened up a swimming beach, adding the Bay Beach Bath, Beach Leisure and Boating, Pedal Boat, Sailboat Water Recreation and RV(recreational vehicle) as well as many other projects. Here you can not only experience the ancient waterwheel fishing(水车捕鱼), but also can taste Kanglang fish(抗浪鱼), copper pot fish(铜锅鱼), potato rice(洋芋饭) and other healthy food.

Mingxing Scenic Area of Fuxianhu Lake, Yuxi

Main Attractions

1. Mingxing Fish Cave(明星鱼洞)

Mingxing Fish Caves are actually fishing holes used for catching fish. At the foot of Qinglong Mountain(青龙山) and White Tiger Mountain(白虎山) in Mingxing Village(明星村), there are more than 200 fishing holes that stretch for several kilometers around the shore of the lake, and there is a fish cave every 2-3 meters. The hole is more than 10 meters long, 3-4 meters deep and 0.5 meters wide. In each ditch, there is a hand-pull dragon-bone waterwheel. Every fishing season, you can see fishermen using waterwheel to catch fish.

2. Biyun Mountain and Biyun Temple(碧云山和碧云寺)

Biyun Mountain, located behind the Mingxing village of Jiangcheng Town, Jiangchuan District, has Fuxian Lake in front of it. On the right is the “Yingshange(应山歌)”, and on the left is the “Kanglang Fish Cave(抗浪鱼洞)”. Biyun Temple is on Biyun Mountain, also known as “Wudang Yard(武当别院)”, is a branch of Hubei Wudang Mountain(湖北武当山), built in the Qing Qianlong period.

Mingxing Scenic Area of Fuxianhu Lake, Yuxi

Nearby Attractions

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Best Time to Visit

There are tourists at all seasons. During fishing season, a lot of tourists come here for making a sightseeing tour and having a fish tasting. In particular, every year the grand meeting (the second day of the second lunar month to the third day of the third lunar month), people from all directions gather together and climb up the Biyun mountain(碧云山), hilarious and lively.

How to Get There

Tourists have two ways to get to Mingxing(明星) Scenic Area, long-distance bus and train.

1. By Long-distance Bus

You can take midibus from Kunming East Bus Station to Jiangchuan District. It takes about 2 hours to take the long-distance bus. It is about 30 kilometers from Jiangchuan bus terminal to Mingxing Scenic Area, takes about 40 minutes.

2. By Train

If you want to take train, you should go to Yuxi station first, and then take the minibus or taxi to Mingxing Scenic Area of Jiangchuan District. You will spend about 1 hour and 15 minutes on the train. The lowest ticket price is CNY 16.5. Then you will arrive at Mingxing Scenic Area after 1.5 hours drive from Yuxi railway station.

Accommodation Around Mingxing Scenic Area

Mingxing Scenic Area is not far from the county seat of Jiangchuan district. There are hotels around Mingxing Scenic Area, it is not difficult to find a place to stay there. 

Tour Including Fuxian Lake

When you traveling Yuxi, Fuxian Lake is the best choice to enjoy yourself. Tours in Fuxain Lake are always related to the hot destinations in Yunnan, like Kunming, Jianshui, Yuanyang and so on.

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Useful Travel Tips

Mingxing Scenic Area of Fuxianhu Lake, Yuxi

1. The traffic route is Kunming-Jiangchuan District(江川区)-Ninghai Road(宁海路)-Xingjiang Road(兴江路)-Cuida Line(翠大线)-Chengchuan Line(澄川线)-Mingxing Village(明星村)

2. Fuxian Lake is a plateau lake, and it is popular in summer. Ultraviolet ray is strong in summer, when you travel Fuxian Lake in summer, remember to bring sunglasses, sun cream, sunhat or other sunscreen products.

3. The water in Fuxian Lake is deep, with 155 meters of its greatest depth. Therefore, if you are not good at swimming, please wear the life vest when you are doing some water sports.