Niujiaozhai Market Day in Yuanyang County, Honghe

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 Location: Niujiaozhai Village, 30 kilometers from Yuanyang in Yuanyang County,Honghe

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About Niujiaozhai Market Day

At Niujiaozhai Village (30kilometers from Yuanyang), the Niujiaozhai Market holds on every Horse, Dog and Tiger day. The crowed assembly comes every 4 days. A huge variety of Hani, Yi and Dai customs appear in your eyes on that day. The market animates the village with all different colors. 

Yi and Hani minority ladies sell their native and ethnic merchandise, fruits and vegetables in the market. The particular dresses of Hani, Yi and Dai people make the market a beautiful picture. And livestock like cattle, ducks, chicken and so on is available to buy.

There, what you can enjoy is the ethnic flavor, the minorities’ hospitality, enthusiasm and honesty. If you are the one who have lived in the big city of fast pace of life, the Niujiaozhai market is definitely worth visiting. If you are accustomed to be in hurry, the Market and the village will drop you from business and annoyance. There, you will feel relaxed, calm and wonderful.

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 The weather forecast of Yuanyang on the Internet may be not exact because the weather of the rice terraces area is always changeable and unpredictable. 
▪ The temperature here varies greatly between day and night. Please pay attention to keep warm especially in early morning and at night.

The Location of Niujiaozhai in Yuanyang County, Honghe