Shuifu County History

Before the set of Shuifu county, Shuifu had no its’ own organizational system. During the Qin and Han dynasty, Shuifu was the living area of Bo people. According to the history data, in 586 AD, it was under the command of Kaibian county(开边县),and in 967, after Kaibian county was recalled and became a part of Qianwei prefecture, Shuifu was subordinate to Yibin county. During the Ming and Qing Dynasty, it belonged to Zhaotong prefecture. In the period of the Republic of China, Shuifu was separately subordinated to Yibin county and Suijiang county. Then , in 1974, Shuifu district was set up, in 8.14,1981, the national congress allowed to establish Shuifu county.