Tingming Lake in Lushui County, Nujiang

Why is Tingming Lake So Special?

This glacial lake is surrounded by dense forests, home to rare animals such as golden monkeys and antelopes. The scenery here differs throughout the seasons, from ice and snow in winter to clear, blue water decorated with colorful flowers in summer. It is said that people must speak softly here, for they shout, showers, winds, and even hail could burst from the sky. A thick fog hovers over the lake, and it could form into rain and hail while jarred by sound waves.

Where is Tingming Lake – Location

Tingming Lake is located on Gaoligong Mountain, 600 meters (656 yards) from Fengxue Yakou (mountain mouth of wind and snow), in the north east of Pingma, Lushui county, Yunnan province, between Tingming Mountain and Wuzhong Mountain, about 36 kilometers away from Pingma town. 

Legend of Tingming Lake

Tingming Lake is featured by the mysterious colors. People here can only speak to each other with neutral tone. If they shout loudly, the wind and rain will come in a flash. Local people also call it charming lake. In the past, whenever there was a great drought, people at the foot of the mountain prepared sacrifices and rain gear, and went to the lake to pray for rain from the gods. The people set out their offerings, set up the canopy, and then sang and danced. In an instant, clouds billowed over the lake and the wind and rain followed. In fact, a thick fog saturated with moisture hovers over the lake, and it could form into rain and hail while jarred by sound waves.


Tingming Lake is the biggest alpine lake in Gaoli Gongshan Mountain, with altitude of 3,540 meters, which is 600 meters higher than Mafeng Ice & Wind Pass. The acreage of the lake is 0.3 square kilometer. Surrounded by dense forest, Tingming Lake is deep and clean. Lots of wild animals inhabit and jazz around the lake including some natural rare animals such as gray-belly-tragopans, mountain donkeys, golden monkeys, Little Bears, oryxes. Tingming Lake like a brilliant bright pearl hiding in the deep mountain, under the sunshine, the clear lake water moving and glittering, like thousands of pearls shaking on a jade mirror.

How to Get there

Liuku is the capital of the Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture. Tourists can take the long-distance to Liuku and then take a chartered car to Pianma Town of Lushui County. At last, hike to Tingming Lake. Most of the tourists will rent a car to due to the inconvenience of transportation. Yunnan Exploration Travel can provide the car-rental service with good vehicle and skilled driver.

Best Time to Go

The scenery of the lake area varies with the seasons. In the spring, the melting trickle of snow mountains flows into the lake, and the rhododendrons of the mountains dot the fields. Wild animals also wake up from hibernation and play around the lake. In summer, the green woods are full of flowers, up above is the boundless sea of clouds. In the autumn, the blue lake reflects the golden leaves on the shore. When winter comes, snow covers everything. The lake becomes tranquil and quiet.


There are a number of hotels in Liuku, the capital of Nujiang Prefecture. In some small villages, you can stay in a tent or rent a room in the homes of local people for relatively low prices. Or you can get accommodation near natural reserve station.

Useful Travel Tips

 Tingming Lake is located at the core area of Gaoligongshan National Reserve Area, we need the approval of the State Council if we want to pay a visit there.
 The road from Lushui to Tingming Lake is pretty rough. Prepare yourself mentally.