Dulongjiang Valley Entertainment

Dulongjiang (独龙江) area is described as one of the most remote, isolated  and diffiucult to reach area in Yunnan. It is in a valley where the Dulong river runs, isolated by mountains on the east and west. Further to the West is Myammar. This is the home of a previously primitive tribe called Dulong or Druang. When you travel to Dulongjiang, you can enjoy the local festivals and activities of Dulong People.

Attacking An Ox Dance of the Dulong Ethnic Group

Attacking An Ox Dance is a ritual dance of the Dulong Ethnic Group inYunnan Provinceand has existed up till today as a traditional ceremony. “attacking an ox to sacrifice the heavens” which usually lasts from three days to seven or nine days and during which this dance must be done everyday.The movements of this dance are mainly done by the dancer’s legs which are naturally followed by his torso in all directions, thus forming the unique style of its own.

Kaquewa Festival

Kaquewa Festival of Dulong Ethnic Group, spreading in all the villages and stockaded villages in the Dulongjiang River Watershed of Gongshan Derung-Nu Autonomous County of the Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture in Yunnan Province, is the New Year of Dulong people in this area. The Kaquewa Festival is not on a fixed day, and it is an auspicious day selected by the elders in villages in the last month of a year. Usually this festival is held in the end of the twelfth month of the lunar year or the beginning of the first month of the next lunar year, and it lasts at least 3 days, and even lasts 9 days at most.