Dulongjiang Transportation

Due to the heavy snowfall, transport to the valley is blocked for more than six months each year. The severe environment makes the road blocked. It is not so easy to get in Dulongjiang, but it has been improved since Dulongjiang tunnel has been finished. 

How to Get in

It takes about 7 hours to get to Dulongjiang from the county town of Gongshan by bus. The road condition is not good. And the road is blocked by snow in November and December. Kunming(昆明)->Liuku(六库) or Fugong(福贡)-> Gongshan(贡山)-> Kongdang(孔当). There are a few options to get in Gongshan from Kunming.

Kuming -> Liuku: 580km, express and sleeper buses leaving from Kunming daily from 8am till 6pm, fare ranging from Y110-160, 13hrs ride. There are also buses from Dali(8hrs) and Baoshan(4hrs) to Liuku.

Kuming -> Fugong: at least one  sleeper bus winding all the way to Fugong in the middle of the gorge. The trip is about 710km,14 hours and costs around Y153.

Kunming -> Gongshan: a sleeper bus departing from Kunming Xiyuan Bus Station at 18:00 daily, 830km/ 18hrs/ Y145-160.

Tips: Take the Liuku, Fugong or Gongshan bus either at West Bus Station or Xiyuan Bus Station in Kunming. Sleeper buses with license at these two bus stations always have destinations printed on the top of their front screen.

Liuku<-> Gongshan(200km): 4 buses run between along the spectacular gorge.


How to Get Around

Fugong <-> Gongshan (111km)

From Fugong, there are regular buses and vans to Gongshan, the next major town north. Most of them are in the morning around 9am. In addition, the Liuku-Gongshan bus passes Fugong around 11am every morning; just wait outside the bus station for them. Ride to Gongshan is about 2 .5 hours costing 20Y.

Buses leave Gongshan for Fugong and Liuku in the morning. Latest buses are scheduled at 11:50 and 13:00. It is reported that the 13:00 bus is often suspended.

Gongshan <-> Kongdang(also Kongmu)

Kongdang, the village seat of Dulongjiang,  is the last point vehicles can reach via Kongdang-Gongshan Road in the valley. Transport from Gongshan to Kongdang is mainly vans and jeeps that run when reasonably full. The 96km bumpy dirt road journey takes 6-7hrs.