Dulongjiang Accommodation

Yunnan Exploration offers the comfortable hotels and guest-houses of Gongshan County for you. Otherwise, you can live in the house of local people and pay a little.

Very basic lodgings are available at Bapo, Maku and Kongdang for Y15/night, schools or villge-committee offices also provide beds for around Y10-15 per night.

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Gawagapu Hotel of Gongshan County


No.38 of Bingzhongluo Street, Gongshan County, Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture



Hotel is located in Bingzhongluo Street, Bingzhongluo Town, near the Binjiang Ecological Corridor, with beautiful scenery and pleasant environment.


Nujiang Jiale Hotel of Gongshan County


 No.166 of Shimen Road, Cikai Town, Gongshan County


Enjoying the favorable environment, it provides the comfortable rooms.

Lanwan Boutique Hotel of Gongshan County



Next to the Dulongjiang Town Police Station, opposite of the People’s Court, Gongshan County 


Hotel offers the elegant decoration and complete facilities. Although it is located in rural area, it is well-equipped hotel.

Dulong River Hotel of Gongshan County



Next to the Credit Union of Dulongjiang Town, Gongshan County


Hotel offers the favorable rooms and complete service.

Nuwa Inn of Bingzhongluo in Gongshan County



Near Peach-blossom Island, Ridang Village, Bingzhongluo Town, Gongshan County


It is located in the foot of Snow Mountain and side of Nujiang River. It is on the road to Wuli Village, Chawalong Village. It is the favorable hotel for you to appreciating the charming landscape.


Gudaofang Guest House of Bingzhongluo Town in Gongshan


Near Taohua Island, Bingzhongluo Town, Gongshan County


With local styles, the small building in Bingzhongluo Town is a favorable place for you to enjoy life. Enjoying the barbecue and bear, you will live among the mountain and Nujiang River, as if time stands still.

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