Dulongjiang Dining

The Dulongjiang Valley is where the 3 ethnic minorities - Dulong(Drung), Nu, Lisu, inhabit for ages. The Dulong people eat twice a day. Their staple food consists of corn, millet and beets. Common vegetables of Dulong people are potatoes, bean pods and some others that they collect, such as bamboo shoots, bamboo leaves and mushrooms. Winter is the peak season for hunting. Meat from wild ox is the main food in winter. Besides, fish found in the Dulong River is another food of the Dulong people. There are some delicious food for local people.


Put the chicken and its bones into pieces, frying with oil, adding  shochu  heavily. Generally, about two or three Jin(斤) of each chicken. No salt, just some zanthoxylum simulans hance, then braise on the fire. The wine flowed freely with chicken, which is extremely delicious.


Baogumi(包谷米) is a kind of Ganliang(干粮) that eat by people who drive the horse. Eat with some water while you are walking. That's wonderful!

Meat Wine and Egg Wine(肉酒和蛋酒)

Meat wine and egg wine is well brewed wine, fresh with faint scent. It is a kind of dietetic foods, which has good curative effect on building up vital energy and nourishes the blood.So it is a favorite advanced nourishing food for the Nu Nationality.