Ejia Old Town in Shuangbai County, Chuxiong

Why is Ejia Old Town So Special 

Since Ejia Old Town was built officially, it has experienced 800 years of wind and rain and many wars. The western gate of Ejia Old Town is still very intact. Its architectural style is unique and the old town wall is still visible. Ejia Town is not very big, but it is very delicate. Walking in the old town street of the old town, the old street has full of charm.

Where is Ejia Old Town

Ejia Old Town is located in Shuangbai County, Chuxiong.

How to Get There

After arriving in Shuangbai County, it is convenient to get to Ejia Old Town. Every day, there are regular buses to Ejia Town. Of course, car rental and taxi are also better ways to get to Ejia Old Town.

Introduction of Ejia Old Town

In the hinterland of the Ailaoshan Mountain, there is an old town with beautiful scenery. This ancient town is named after the meteorite. During the Dading of Yuan Dynasty, there were meteorites landing in the current Ejia Heichushan Mountain. The meteorites are black, large and shaped like Chinese watermelon. In the Yi language, the stone is called the E, and the Ejia is the place where the beautiful stone appears. Later, Ejia was as the name of the place.

Ejia was built long time ago. The earliest was the courier station on the Ancient Tea Horse Road; it was named as Ejia County, later it was changed o Ejia Town. Ejia is rich in hydropower, various mineral deposits, flora and fauna, and ethnic cultural tourism resources.

Best Time to Go

It is suitable to visit Ejia Old Town at any time. Every season has its own beauty. 

Nearby Attractions

Ejia Jiutian Wetland
Ejia Jiutian Wetland is located in the national Ailaoshan Nature Reserve, with an altitude of 2,400 meters. It consists of Damafang Wetland, Laowangping Wetland and Xiaoheba Wetland. It covers an area of about 20,000 mu and is the largest mountain wetland in central Yunnan. The terrain of Ejia Wetland is open and flat, with water, verdant grass, and wild flowers everywhere. The wetland is surrounded by dense forests and closely follows the core area of the reserve.

Ejia Rice Terraces
Ejia Rice Terraces are located in eastern part of Ailaoshan Mountain. There are such terraces, long, short, small, large, and narrow, in every village, saying the Rice Terraces are the protectors of the mountains. almost every village has such terraces, long, short, small, large, and narrow, saying that the terraced fields are the protectors of the mountains.