Shuangbai County Administrative Divisions

Administrative Divisions

By the end of 2011, Shuangbai County had jurisdiction over five towns, three townships, 84 village committees, 1,540 village groups, and 1,845 natural village.

Five towns and three townsips are Tuodian Town(妥甸镇), Dazhuang Town(大庄镇), Fabiao Town(法脿镇), Damaidi Town(鄂嘉镇), Anlongbao Town(大麦地镇), Ainishan Township(安龙堡乡), Dutian Township(独田乡).

Ethnic Townships

Ejia Town of Shuangbai County in Chuxiong Prefecture (双柏县鄂嘉镇)

Ejia Old Town in Shuangbai County, Chuxiong (双柏鄂嘉古镇)

Ethnic Village

Lifang Village of Fabiao Town in Shuangbai County, Chuxiong Prefecture