Shuangbai County Attractions

Before you start your trip, figuring out Shuangbai County's  Attractions and what to do inShuangbai County will make this trip more pleasant and go well. Shuangbai County enjoys natural attractions left in different periods, such as Jimu Lake in Shuangbai County, Baizhu Mountain and Shibei Mountain in Shuangbai County. What's more, Shuangbai County is famous for cultural attractions, such as Ejia Rice Terraces in Shuangbai County and Ancestral Temple of Su Family. Traditional villages and ethnic towns also attract many tourist to Shuangbai County, such as Lifang Village of Fabiao Town, Ejia Town of Shuangbai County and Ejia Old Town in Shuangbai County.