Shuangbai County Shopping

The interaction and collision of various cultures, customs, religions and colorful lifestyles offers visitors many things to see and buy. When you travel to Shuangbai county, please don’t forget to buy some local specialty as keepsakes or to your relatives or friends. 

What to Buy?

Shuangbai Embroideries(双柏刺绣)

Embroidering is a traditional industry of Shuangbai County, Chuxiong Prefecture. Adept Yi ethnic women in Anlongbao and Damaidi townships usually spend their leisure time embroidering.  For years, in order to boost the local economy, the county has set up several embroidery associations to carry forwards the industry and promote relevant products.

Baizhushan Tea(白竹山茶叶)

A series of tea products such as Yunwulongzhao(云雾龙爪), Baizhuyinhao(白竹银豪), Biluochun(碧螺春), Baizhuchun(白竹春) etc in Shuangbai county won a silver medal of 95 China's scientific and technological achievements. Respectively, in 2000, 2001 and 2000, won the gold prize of "Cloud Tea". Shuangbai county has a tea growing area of 12990 mu, the production area of 9820 mu.

The Clothes of Yi Ethnic Group 

Mainly six types of clothes are scattered in six different regions of Yi ethnic minority. However, women usually wear clothes with beautiful flowers embroidered on them and, long trousers with exquisite lace or skirts with numerous pleats. Men like to wear black narrow sleeved clothes, and loose pants. Both men and women wear head-handkerchiefs on their heads, while the women's are made with beautiful pictures embroidered on them.

Where to Buy?

Shuangbai Local Customs(双柏风情土特产) is located at No.5 of Yongchang Road of Shuangbai County.

Lufuyuan Local Specialty Business Department(绿福源地方特产经营部) is located in the junction of Xingmao Road and Dongxin Road.

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