Mangba Village of Simaogang Town in Simao District, Puer

Mangba Village of Simaogang Town

Cizhulin Village is affiliated to Simaogang Town in Simao District, 105 kilometers away from Simao District and 15 kilometers away from the national large power station Luozhadu Power Station Dam. There are lush vegetation, fertile soil, and nearly 300 years old ancient tea trees with hundreds of acres, besides, there is wealthy of rare flora and fauna, such as about 20 Asia Ox, about 10 Asian Elephants, more than 240 wild birds, of which the most special rare bird is Lord Derby’s Parakeet.

Mangba is a traditional Bulang village. Both men, women and children speak the language of the Bulang, and they take the costumes of the Bulang people, and embrace the Theravada Buddhism. Every year, the traditional Water-sprinkling Festival is held. The buildings are mainly Stilt Style Architectures.

There are more than ten banyan and linden trees in Mangba Village. This is a home specially prepared for more than 600 parrots. Therefore, the Mangba Village has the reputation of “parrot village” and is called “China’s Parrot Paradise” and “China’s first bird watching and birding base” by the photography industry. 


Mangba is located in Simaogang Town, Simao District, Pu’er City, in the south of Yunnan Province. It is 105 kilometers away from Simao District. It takes about 2 hours to drive.

Travel Tips

Parrot is very important in Bulang people’s eyes, which is like the God. So people need to respect the local culture. Do not hurt the bird here.