Shuangbai County Dining

People who take a tour to Shuangbai county never forget to taste the food there. Shuangbai County's cuisine is varied and coveted. Whatever street snacks, barbecues, or elegant indoor restaurants all have local characteristics. We have listed some of delicacies and restaurants that must eat in Shuangbai County.

What to Eat?


The Yi ethnic people in Chuxiong take mutton as a household dish to treat guests. When they are preparing mutton hotpot, no condiments except salt are added in the caldron. But assorted spices will play their role on the dining table such as Chinese prickly ash berries (Huajiao, huā jiāo), cayenne, coriander, onion, ginger and mint. The sheepy odor is smartly and completely concealed for appetite.

Barking Deer Jerky

ehydration is all about removing water from food. Doing this helps to preserve the food (bacteria need water) and concentrate flavor. It’s a common misconception that you need heat to dehydrate food. But low humidity, not heat, is the driving force behind dehydration. Warming the air surrounding the food helps keep it dry, but if the air doesn’t move, the food will stay wet. So when dehydrating food in the kitchen, make certain that air can freely circulate around it.

Sidenote: You can achieve the same preservation of dehydration by leaving the water in food but making it unavailable to bacteria. Just add substances like sugar and salt, which bind to water molecules and lock them away. Lox (salt-cured salmon) and salted butter are safe to keep at room temperature for this reason—but unsalted butter is not!

Guhua Fish(谷花鱼)

Guhua fish is the fish raised in rice fields. The fish is natural and unpolluted, since it is fed on paddies, mosquito larvae, rice brans and kashas. Its price even reached 80 yuan per kilogram at times.

Where to Eat?

There are many special restaurants in Shuangbai County. We have listed some restaurants with good taste and beautiful environment for tourists.

Chinese Name

English Name





People’s Restaurant

No.99, Chamuda Road of Tuodian Town


Ribs, Streay pork


Goose Restaurant

Jinhuxiuyuan Housing Estate of Tuodian Town




Cate and Guest Restaurant

In Dongehe Road of Tuodian Town


Fish in sour soup, Sour soup pig feet


Yangjiazhuang Ass Retaurant

In Longtairuiyuan  Housing Estate of Tuodian Tow


Ass meat


Xiaocainiu Restaurant

No.79, Dongxing Road of Shuangbai County




Halal Beef Restaurant

No.81, Tuodian Street of Shuangbai County


Beef, Hui Cuisine


Caodun Tilapia Ossambica

No.7, Dongxing Road of Shuangbai County


Tilapia ossambica

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