Shuangbai County Culture

1. Ethnic Group

There are 17 ethnic minority minority in Shuangbai County, including Yi, Hui, Miao and Hani. The minority population accounts for 49.3%.

2. Ethnic Townships

Ejia Town of Shuangbai County in Chuxiong Prefecture (双柏县鄂嘉镇)

3. Ethnic Village

Lifang Village of Fabiao Town in Shuangbai County, Chuxiong Prefecture


4. Ethnic Culture

Shuangbai is located in central Yunnan, Shuangbai is an important birthplace of the Yi nationality's Sansheng culture. As high as 84% of the forest coverage and colorful national culture, Shuangbai won the reputation of "Pearl of Green Sea in Central Yunnan" and "hometown of Tiger Culture of Yi nationality in China".

5. Ethnic Festivals

Zuojiao Dance Festival of Yi Ethnic
The Torch Festival of Yi Ethnic Group
Jumping Tiger Festival in Shuangbai County,Chuxiong
Cattle Festival in Chuxiong City
Chuxiong Dressing Contest
Tea Culture Festival
Cherry Festival
Dinosaur Culture Festival
New Year Festival of Yi people