Flights Schedules of Dali Airport

Dali Airport is a civil airport located in Dali Prefecture, Yunnan Province, China, 13 kilometers from Dali City(the capital of Dali Prefecture). It is the hub port of Lucky Airlines(祥鹏航空). The airport covers an area of 2525 mu(about 168 hectares), the airfield grade is 4C and the runway is 2600 meters long. Boeing 737, Airbus 320 and other types can take off and land here. Aerodrome area is of 19,550 square meters, terminal area of 10050 square meters, there are 10 aircraft stands.

Dali Airport Timetable

The airport has flights to KunmingXishuangbannaTengchongBeijingShanghaiGuangzhou and other places. The flights from Dali to Kunming fly every day with the traveling time of about 40 minutes.

Flight Number Destination Airline Departure Time Arrival Time
CA1420 Capital International Airport(Beijing北京) Air China 11:25 14:35-14:45
ZH1420 Capital International Airport(Beijing) Shenzhen Airlines 11:25 14:35-14:45
MU9723 Capital International Airport(Beijing) China Eastern Airlines 18:50 22:05-22:30
CA4416 Shuangliu双流 International Airport(Chengdu成都) Air China 09:05 10:35
SC4416 Shuangliu International Airport(Chengdu) Shandong Airlines 09:05 10:35
TV6414 Shuangliu International Airport(Chengdu) Tibet Airlines 09:05 10:35
ZH4416 Shuangliu International Airport(Chengdu) Shenzhen Airlines 09:05 10:35
MU9741 Shuangliu International Airport(Chengdu) China Eastern Airlines 11:15 12:45-12:50
CA3946 Shuangliu International Airport(Chengdu) Air China 20:20 21:55
TV9856 Shuangliu International Airport(Chengdu) Tibet Airlines 20:20 21:55
MU9734 Huanghua黄花 International Airport(Changsha长沙) China Eastern Airlines 10:15 12:20
CZ8150 Jiangbei江北 International Airport(Chongqing重庆) China Southern Airlines 12:20 14:00
OQ2350 Jiangbei International Airport(Chongqing) Chongqing Airlines 12:20 14:00
CA4552 Jiangbei International Airport(Chongqing) Air China 12:40 14:15
G54227 Jiangbei International Airport(Chongqing) China Express Airlines 12:40 14:15
SC4552 Jiangbei International Airport(Chongqing) Shangdong Airlines 12:40 14:15
TV6466 Jiangbei International Airport(Chongqing) Tibet Airlines 12:40 14:15
ZH4552 Jiangbei International Airport(Chongqing) Shenzhen Airlines 12:40 14:15
CZ8148 Jiangbei International Airport(Chongqing) China Southern Airlines 13:10 14:50
CZ8150 Jiangbei International Airport(Chongqing) China Southern Airlines 13:10 14:50
OQ2348 Jiangbei International Airport(Chongqing) Chongqing Airlines 13:10 14:50
OQ2350 Jiangbei International Airport(Chongqing) Chongqing Airlines 13:10 14:50
CZ8052 Jiangbei International Airport(Chongqing) China Southern Airlines 20:15 22:00
CZ8150 Jiangbei International Airport(Chongqing) China Southern Airlines 21:15 23:00
OQ2350 Jiangbei International Airport(Chongqing) Chongqing Airlines 21:15 23:00
CZ8087 Longdongbao龙洞堡 International Airport(Guiyang贵阳) China Southern Airlines 08:30 10:10
OQ2087 Longdongbao International Airport(Guiyang) Chongqing Airlines 08:30 10:10
CZ3146 Baiyun白云 International Airport(Guangzhou广州) China Southern Airlines 11:20 13:40
MF1048 Baiyun International Airport(Guangzhou) Xiamen Airlines 11:20 13:40
MU5743 Baiyun International Airport(Guangzhou) China Eastern Airlines(transfer in Kunming) 18:40 00:20
MU9721 Xiaoshan萧山 International Airlines(Hangzhou杭州) China Eastern Airlines(transfer in Luzhou) 07:40 11:50
MU9727 Yunlong云龙 Airport(Luzhou泸州) China Eastern Airlines 07:30 08:45
MU9721 Yunlong Airport(Luzhou) China Eastern Airlines 07:40 08:50
CZ8183 Zhongchuan中川 Airport(Lanzhou兰州) China Southern Airlines 13:10 15:25
OQ2383 Zhongchuan Airport(Lanzhou) Chongqing Airlines 13:10 15:25
CZ8191 Wuxu吴圩 International Airport(Nanning南宁) China Southern Airlines 08:10 09:50
OQ2391 Wuxu International Airport(Nanning) Chongqing Airlines 08:10 09:50
MU5789 Lukou禄口 International Airport(Nanjing南京) China Eastern Airlines 09:55 12:45
CZ8187 Changbei昌北 International Airport(Nanchang南昌) China Southern Airlines 13:05 15:25
OQ2387 Changbei International Airport(Nanchang) Chongqing Airlines 13:05 15:25
CA4017 Zhengding正定 International Airlines(Shijiazhuang石家庄) Air China 10:30 13:30
ZH4607 Zhengding International Airlines(Shijiazhuang) Shenzhen Airlines 10:30 13:30
MU9725 Hongqiao虹桥 International Airport(Shanghai上海) China Eastern Airlines 18:25 21:30
MU9727 Binhai滨海 International Airport(Tianjin天津) China Eastern Airlines 07:30 11:55
MU9735 Tianhe天河 International Airport(Wuhan武汉) China Eastern Airlines 10:10 12:30
8L9527 Xishuangbanna西双版纳 International Airport Lucky Air 15:00 16:10
MU5725 Xianyang咸阳 International Airport(Xi’an西安) China Eastern Airlines 15:00 17:35
GT1038 Guanyin观音 Airport(Xuzhou徐州) Guilin Airlines(transfer in Enshi恩施) 19:00 23:30
CA4509 Zhengzhou郑州 International Airport(Zhengzhou) Air China 18:40 21:20
G54431 Zhengzhou International Airport(Zhengzhou) China Express Airlines 18:40 21:20
ZH4509 Zhengzhou International Airport(Zhengzhou) Shenzhen Airlines 18:40 21:20

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Airlines and Destinations of Dali Airport

Airlines Destinations
Air China Beijing–Capital, Chengdu, Chongqing, Hefei, Zhengzhou
Beijing Capital Airlines Xi’an
China Eastern Airlines Beijing–Capital, Changsha, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Kunming, Nanjing, Shanghai–Hongqiao, Wuhan, Xi’an
China Southern Airlines Guangzhou
China Southern Airlines
operated by Chongqing Airlines
Chongqing, Guilin, Guiyang, Kunming, Nanchang, Nanning, Pu’er
Lucky Air Mianyang, Xishuangbanna
Tibet Airlines Cangyuan, Chengdu

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