Lu Chaojin – Yi Folk Artist in Nanjian County, Dali 

Personal Profile

Lu Chaojin(鲁朝金), Male, Yi Nationality, born in 1966, is a member of Baohua Town(宝华镇), Nanjian County(南涧县), Dali. Lu Chaojin is the fourth generation successor of Nanjian Yi Nationality’s Tiaocai Dance. Now, he is the representative inheritor of the national intangible cultural heritage of the Yi Nationality’s Tiaocai Dance. 

Lu Chaojin and Yi Folk Artist

He loved Yi dance since childhood. At the age of 16, he began to learn how to play Da Ge(打歌), Hu Lusheng(葫芦笙) and Suona(唢呐). He often participated in folk festivals, mountain fairs and temple fairs. He participated in literary and artistic activities at least 10 times a month. He can play Lusheng 16-step and 12-step tunes, Suona Kaitang Tune(开堂调), Baitang Tune(拜堂调), Dragon Heading up and Downhill(龙抬头), Bee Crossing the River Diaoqu(密蜂过江调) and so on. He is a folk artist with great influence and comprehensive among the local people.


He has participated in many national and provincial performances and competitions, and has won many awards. In 1992, Jinjing performed “Jumping Yunnan”(跳云南), which was commended and awarded by the Ministry of Culture. In 1994, she went to Guangdong to participate in the performance of China Tourism Festival and won the performance commemorative award, and awarded the honorary certificate of “young amateur dancer Suona player”. Over the years, there have been 8900 disciples trained by Jin Dynasty of Lu Dynasty. In Kunming(昆明), Zhuhai(珠海), Shenzhen (深圳)and other places, disciples are performing jumping vegetables.

Chinese Version:
Translated by Winnie/张赢