How to Get to Lashihai Lake from Lijiang

This article is about the transportation between Lashihai Lake and Lijiang. Lashihai Lake is in the basin in Hengduan Mountain Range, 10 kilometers away from the Lijiang Old Town. The grassy marshland on the embankment often gathers lots of water that forms the best place for plants, fishes, shellfish and river snails. The grassy marshland provides a nice habitat for wetland animals and plants. Lijiang is a prefecture-level city in the northwest of Yunnan province, China. It has an area of 21,219 square kilometres (8,193 sq mi) and had a population of 1,244,769 at the 2010 census whom 211,151 lived in the built-up area (metro) made up of Gucheng District. Lijiang is famous for its UNESCO Heritage Site, the Old Town of Lijiang. A Light Rail project is underway to link the different touristic parts of the city.

How to Get to Lashihai Lake from Lijiang

By Taxi

Taxi from Lijiang to Lashihai Lake takes about 22 minutes and costs 21 RMB to 35 RMB.

By Private Car Rental

Drive from Lijiang to Lashihai Lake needs 22 minutes.

By Walk

Walk from Lijiang to Lashihai Lake needs 1 hour and 59 minutes. 

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