Lashihai Lake Travel Tips

Lashihai Lake, on the southern slope of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and 10 km (6.2 miles) from Lijiang Old Town, is part of the Lijiang – Lashihai Plateau Wetland Nature Reserve. For giving you a better travel experience, here we offer some useful travel advice for you.

1.Useful Numbers

• Fire: 119            • Police: 110            • Ambulance: 120

 Lijiang Airport Inquiry Telephone: 5173081

• Tourism Complaint: 5123432

2. Transportation Concerns

  • For hiring a car, you are advised to order directly from the owner of the hostel, or book with a reliable local tour agency. Their services usually include the car to the lake, horse riding and bird viewing tours. Booking with them directly will save money and avoid you being cheated.
  • If you take a bus to the lake on your own, you need to find horse ranches and some boats in the lake independently. There are 18 ranches, so you need to bargain when making choice. (This method is not suggested, because it is too difficult to tell which one is best.) For bird viewing, you need to rent a boat. Now, each ranch can provide three horse-riding lines and one boat line. The horse-riding charges CNY 200-360, the boating charges no more than CNY 200.

3. Safety Conerns

Travelers who want to ride need to bring some clothes easy for riding. Put your personal things and valuables in a safe place. You must listen to the grooms’ orders. Please hold the rain tight to avoid falling off when the horse is running.

4. Best Time to Visit

Lashihai Lake is suitable for traveling all year round. While from December to next February is the best time to watch migratory birds. Sunglasses and sun cream are necessary.