Lingbaoshan National Forest Park in Nanjian County, Dali

Lingbaoshan National Forest Park

Lingbaoshan National Forest Park(灵宝山国家森林公园) is 56 km from the county seat of Nanjian(南涧). It belongs to the Wuliangshan Mountain and enjoys the altitude of 2528 meters. Climbing up the top of mountain, travelers can appreciate the snow of Cangshan Mountain in the north, Pinghu(平湖) in the south, Ailao Mountain in the east and the sunset in the west. Lingbaoshan is knowns as the unique shape, like a lying Buddha. Therefore, it was called the Lingbaoshan Mountain. 

Natural Resources

Lingbaoshan National Forest Park is part of the Nanjian Wuliangshan National Nature Reserve. It has a forest coverage of 96.2% and enjoys unique natural landscape and abundant wildlife resources. The vegetation is dominated by evergreen broad-leaved forests. There are colorful ornamental plants in different vegetation types, cherry blossoms, camellia, competing azaleas, and thousands of wild walnuts, eucalyptus, and fir etc.

What to See

Lingbaoshan Mountain Forest Park enjoys not only the charming landscape, but also the cultural sites and folk legends. Lingbaoshan was described a lot in the Battle Wizard(天龙八部). There are a lot of stone buildings of Dali Kingdom in Song Dynasty. The stone building groups are in diverse directions and different shapes, like Laojun Hall, Wuliang Hall and Lingbao Hall etc. In these old buildings, there are special and vivid Buddha statues, stone pillars and stone offerings etc. On 20th of the 3rd lunar month, the pilgrims will come here and celebrate the Linbaoshan Mountain Fair.

Lingbaoshan National Forest Park in Nanjian County, Dali

Useful Travel Tips

When the weather is fine in Dali, the sunshine is heated, and ultraviolet light is strong. People should avoid direct sunlight, and the sun hat preparation is required during outdoor activities, a pair of sunglasses will make you comfortable in the trip.

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