Longmai Village in Funing County, Wenshan

About Funing County and Longmai Village

Funing County富宁县 is under the administration of Wenshan Prefecture. It is located in the southeast of Yunnan, bordering Ha Giang of Vietnam越南河江省 in the south, Guangxi Province in the east and north, Guangnan County & Malipo County of Wenshan in the west. Funing County is the important gateway from Yunnan Province to Guangxi, Guangdong and other coastal areas. Funing is a multi-ethnic habitation. There are six ethnic groups in this region, Zhuang, Han, Miao, Yao, Yi and Gelao仡佬族.

Longmai Village龙迈村, in Banlun Township of Funing County, belongs to mountain area. Located in the southeast of Banlun Township, Longmai Village is 14 kilometers from Banlun Township, and is the seat of Longmai Village Committee. Longmai Village has an area of 27.28 square kilometers, an elevation of 1250 meters, an annual average temperature of 18 ℃ and an annual precipitation of 1300 mm. It is suitable to grow corn, rice, star anise and other crops. The main ethnic minority group is Yi minority.

Tiaogong Festival of Yi Minority 

Tiaogong festival跳宫节 is an important festival for the Yi people living in Longmai Village of Banlun Township. Every year, on the 8th day and the 9th day of the 4th lunar month, Yi people from Longmai village get together in their festival costumes to welcome Tiaogong festival. Thousands of Yi people and guests participate in the activity, lively and hilarious. Led by the Lusheng and the “bow head弓首”, the Yi people slowly come to the east of the village, light the torch and pray for the seed. In addition, they hold a variety of ethnic folk customs activities. The Yi people’s bronze-drum dance, Lusheng dance, fan dance and other original ecological items provide the surrounding people and guests with the original ethnic culture feast.

The Origin of Tiaogong Festival

It is said that ancient Yi people were driven and slaughtered by the government, so they had to flee from Qinghai to Sichuan and Yunnan, then scattered throughout south Yunnan. Under the leadership of the tribal leaders, they fought with officers and soldiers for many years, and then they fought in a forest of gold bamboo and defeated officers and men with arrows made of golden bamboo. They returned in triumph in the first, the second, the fourth and the sixth lunar month successively. In order to thank the golden bamboo and celebrate the victory, the tribes took the victory time as the memorial day. Every year, on the 8th day, 9th day and 10th day of the 4th lunar month, people dress in ethnic costumes to dance at the edge of the bamboo forest, to worship bamboo god and ancestors, as well as pray for peace. Yi people called it “Zuomo做磨”, and descendants called it “Tiaogong跳宫”.

Best Time to Visit

The Best Time to Visit Longmai Village is in the fourth lunar month, probably in May of solar calendar. Every year, on the 8th day, 9th day and 10th day of the 4th lunar month, Yi people in Longmai Village celebrate Tiaogong Festival, hilarious and bustling.

How to Get There

The route is Kunming-Funing County-Banlun-Longmai Village. You will drive more than 5 hours from Kunming to Funing County. You can also take long-distance bus or train. It is 14 kilometers from Banlun Township to Longmai Village. There are chartered buses you can take to get to Longmai village龙迈村.

1. By Long-distance Bus

Kunming East Bus Station-Funing Bus Terminal

Departure Time: 10:00-20:00

Price: 185 CNY

Distance: 542 kilometers

Consume Time: 5.5 hours

2. By Railway

Kunming Railway Station-Funing Railway Station

Departure Time: 10:36, 12;00, 14:05, 17:12

Price: 146 CNY

Distance:461 kilometers

Consume Time: About 3 hours

Kunming South Railway Station-Funning Railway Station

Departure Time: 7:30-17:40

Price: 135.5 CNY

Distance: 455 kilometers

Consume Time: About 2.5 hours

Tip: The price and departure time are just for reference, specific situation is subject to bus terminal.

Accommodation Around Longmai Village

Banlun Township is not fay away from Funing County. You can return to Funing County for overnight.

1. Benwei Hotel富宁本位酒店

Address: The Crossroad of Fuzhou Road and Huancheng South Road, Funing County, Wenshan文山州富宁县富州路与环城南路交叉口

Tel: 0876-6361888

Starting Price: 136 CNY

2. Poya Hotel富宁坡芽大酒店

Address: No.28, Yingbin Road, Funing County, Wenshan文山州富宁县迎宾路28号

Tel: 0876-6939999

Starting Price: 211 CNY

3. Bishui Lantian Hotel富宁碧水蓝天大酒店

Address: Close to Baiyue Park, Dongfeng Road, Funing County, Wenshan文山州富宁县东风路百越公园旁

Tel: 0876-6129999

Starting Price: 147 CNY

Useful Travel Tips

1. Learn something about Yi culture and Tiaogong Festival跳宫节 in advance.

2. There are 5 main ethnic minorities in Funing County, including Zhuang, Yi, Miao, Yao and Gelao仡佬族.

3. In May, the climate in Funing County is warm.