Funing County Travel Tips

Where to Stay

1.Poya Hotel of Funing County (富宁坡芽大酒店)

2.Benwei Hotel of Funing County (富宁本位酒店)

3.Jianshe Hotel of Funing County (富宁县建设宾馆)

4.Ouyi Theme Hotel (文山欧艺主题酒店 ) 


What to Visit

1.Tuoniangjiang River in Funing County, Wenshan (富宁驮娘江景区)

2.Tianhu Lake Scenic Area in Funing County, Wenshan (富宁天湖壮景生态旅游区)

3.Qinghuadong Scenic Area in Funing County, Wensha (富宁县清华洞旅游区)

4.Puyang Waterfall in Funing County, Wenshan (富宁县清华洞旅游区)

5.Dongbo Yao Ethnic Town of Funing County in Wenshan Prefecture (富宁县洞波瑶族乡)

6.Longmai Village of Banlun Town in Funing County, Wenshan (富宁县板仑乡龙迈村)

7.Poya Village of Boai Town in Funing County, Wenshan Prefecture (富宁县剥隘镇甲村村委员会坡芽村)

8.Laojie Sanzhai Village of Guichao Town in Funing County, Wenshan Prefecture (富宁县归朝镇归朝村委会老街三寨村)


Best Time to Visit Funing County

Most of the region has a favorable climate without winter chilliness and summer heat. May to September is the best season to visit the county, but umbrella and one or two wraps are necessary in case the weather changes.


Useful Number

Consumer Complaint: 12315

Telephone Number Inquiry: 114
Weather Forecast: 121

Post Code: 663400

Phone Area Code :0876

Fire: 119

Police: 110

Ambulance: 120


Money Exchange


You can use your credit card, traveler's check or cash to exchange for Chinese Yuan in some branches of Bank of China in this county

1.Funing Branch of  Agricultural Bank of China 中国农业银行(富宁县支行)

Address:No.6 on Tuanjie Street, Funing County in Wensahn


Address: No.88 Dongfeng Road, Wenhua Community, Xinhua Town, Funing County, Wenshan 
Tel: 0876-6128097

Hospitals and Post Offices


1.People's Hospital of Funing County (富宁县人民医院)

Address: On Yuquan road of Funing County in Wenshan Prefecture

2.Huakang Hospital of Funing County (富宁华康医院)

Address: No.1 Yingbin Road, Funing County, Wenshan Prefecture 

Tel: 0876-6126633

3.Maternity Hospital of Funing County (富宁妇产医院)

Address: No.1 Yingbin Alley, Yingbin Road, Funing County, Wenshan Prefecture

Tel: 0876-6120000


Post Office

Post Office Funing County

Address:No.1 on Tuanjie Street of Funing county in Wensahn.文山壮族苗族自治州富宁县团结街1 Tel:0876-5150956


Other Information



While public phones are easily found in small shops along streets in the city, we suggest visitors make low-cost IDD or DDD calls in post offices .

Internet Bars

You can ask the native where to find an Internet bar, there are many Internet bars in Qiubei County center with good speed and environment charging 2 to 3 yuan per hour.

Tip: do take care of your personal articles when in an Internet bar.

Toilet Facilities

Most toilets in the city charge no more than 0.5 yuan. Visitors can find free sanitary toilets in some large department stores or fast food restaurants.


Safety Precautions

 1.Take care of your luggage and important things, such as passport and visa.

2.Check out the weather report before your travel. Do not go sightseeing in bad weather.

3.Respect and follow local custom and avoid conflicts.