Funing County Shopping

Enjoying the favorable climate and oil, Fining boasts a wide range of specialties. Most of them have local characteristics. You can check following and find what to buy & where to buy in Funing County.

What to Buy 

♦Funing Anise (富宁八角)

Star anise belongs to evergreen broad-leaved arbor. Its fruit, leaves and stem are valuable. It is praised by Funing farmers as “cash cow". Dried star anise fruit and star anise leaf are mainly used as spices, chemical raw materials and medicines. It is also an essential fragrance enhancer for high-grade perfume, soap, beverage, food, tobacco, toothpaste and cosmetics. It enjoys wide range of uses, so it has become the popular commodity in the international market.

Funing Tea (富宁茶叶)

Funing enjoys favorable climate and oil. It is suitable for producing high quality Yunnan broad-leave tea.

♦Termjte Mushroon (富宁鸡枞)

Termjte mushroon is a delicious mountain treasure, known as the king of fungus. It can compare favorably with chicken, so it is called “Jizong” in Chinese.

♦Pseudo-ginseng of Wenshan (文山三七)

The Autonomous Region of Wenshan teems with Sanqi which is also called Tianqi. It got its names because it has three branches and seven leaves. (in Chinese, three is san, and seven is qi) Sanqi is a kind of plants of panax, Araliaceae. The uncooked Sanqi can stanch, strengthen the heart, dispel the extravasated blood, help the new flesh to grow, lessen the swelling, and ease the pain. 


Where to Buy

Specialty Shop of Funing County (富宁特产行)

Address: Dongfeng Road, Xinhua Town, Funing County, Wenshan Prefecture

Tel: 13887850811

Jiapin Specialty Shop (富宁佳品特产店)

Address: Leisure Center of Motion, Xinhua Town, Funing County, Wenshan Prefecture



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