Qifeng Cave in The Stone Forest, Kunming

Chinese Name:石林奇风洞
English Name: Qifeng Cave in The Stone Forest, Kunming
Qifeng Cave is 5 kilometers away in the northwest of The Stone Forest,in the middle of Beida village Shuitang village and madong village,steep cliffs and stone peaks are standing inside of it. The rocks out there all have their own characteristics,some of them are like the lighting torch of Hani People in their Torch festival ;a number of them are like clean lotus;some just look like cute little mushroom。A huge guard-like peak are standing right next to Qifeng Cave。There is cropland under the peak,A tiny cave makes the entry of Qifeng Cave。 Qifeng cave is the strangest one among other caves of Shilin,It’s not famous for strange-looking rocks,but noted for the rocks in there can breath just like human。so people refer it as the breathing cave.

every rainy season,when the land gets humid and rivers starts to flow,The wind will blow into Qifeng Cave, and start to make noise like a tired bull。the wind is so strong, if you try to cover the caves with mud. It still breaths just fine by blowing the mud away。
When it starts to breath, a loud noise will come with it。 So loud, it will make you think there is a wave coming in your way.but when you start to wonder around where it comes from, you can’t find a thing. it’s like a prank that nature plays at you.  If you put a burning woods or torch upon the cave, the flame could go up to 2~3 meters high. 

Another wonder

Qifeng Cave in The Stone Forest, Kunming

Hongxi Fountain is another marvelous scene in Qifeng Cave,Clean spring flows out the cave and infuses into a deep hole,A thunderous sound will occur when the hole gets full. After 2 or 3 minutes everything returns to normal. And then the spring starts to flows again, this wonder repeats every 30-40 minutes

Qifeng Cave, Hongxi Fountain and the underground river are such great group, none of them will be existed without another two. For example, in the dry season Qifeng Cave will suffocate due to the lack of water in the underground river. It can’t breath either, if there is too much water in the underground river.。So it makes the best time of visiting Qifeng Cave from June to October 。

The landform of Qifeng Cave is not usual。In the eastern side of Qifeng Cave,there is a gully made by years of erosion.When the rain or water flows into this gully, they will be going into the underground river as well. Because of lack of room to store those water, and with the effect of wind. Qifeng Cave became possible. You may call it siphon effect of nature.

The Location of Qifeng Cave in The Stone Forest, Kunming