Zhiyun Cave in The Stone Forest, Kunming

Chinese Name: 石林芝云洞
English Name: Zhiyun Cave in The Stone Forest, Kunming
Zhiyun Cave scenery is close to The Stone Forest scenery,6 kilometers away from major&minor stone forest scenery.On the east side of Shi’An freeway. There is mountain constructed by limestone,that’s where Zhiyun Cave scenery is。Zhiyun Cave Scenery is made of Zhiyun Cave、Minor Zhiyun Cave(叠云岩)、Jibailong Cave、Zhu’er Cave、Dagang Cave.It’s the best place to explore karst landform。Till now you are allowed visit only Zhiyun Cave, Minor Zhiyun Cave and the Jibailong Cave.Other scenery are still under construction.

The cave is 400-meter-long,3 to 15 -meter wide and 5 to 30-meter tall.The entire cave looks like the letter “Y” The Zhiyuan Cave and Minor Zhiyun Cave gets connected by a little gate.Inside the cave, we can find the top one scene in Shilin scenery,named “石硐仙踪”。 At the start of the cave to the very end. There are morn than 20 scenes you can visit.

Zhiyun Cave in The Stone Forest, Kunming

Zhiyun Cave
Zhiyun Cave was decorated 400 years ago, earliest among others.The rocks inside cave are in shape of Lingzhi and colorful cloud, So people name it Zhiyun Cave。The stele was built by Wangliang in Ming Dynasty.The stele is 1.6-meter tall,0.6 meter wide and 0.3 meter thick, made by jade rocks. In 1986 it was named “the protected heritage of county”. With the latest construction, Zhiyuan Cave is installed with lights and other facility to ensure the tourists visit the cave safely and nicely.

Jibailong Cave is under the Jibailong mountain of Tianshanqiao village,4 kilometers away from major&minor stone forest, 2 kilometers away from Zhiyuan Cave。450-meter-long,10—20 meter-high,5—10 meter-wide. All the scene and rocks inside the cave are well protected by the local government.You may need at least one hour to visit this Cave.

Minor Zhiyun Cave(叠云岩)
Right cross the Zhiyuan Cave, we can find another fabulous scenery,called Minor Zhiyun Cave,it goes public in 1998。This cave is 200-meter long ,30-meter high and 8-meter wide。What’s so special about Minor Zhiyun Cave is its rocks. they present themselves in many ways for tourists.
Ticket selling is 10 meters cross the gate of cave, you need at least 30 minutes to go through the cave.
All three caves are latest renewed, safety and comfort can be ensued. Snacks and souvenir are all available inside the cave.
Temperature is all good throughout the year, you need at least 4 hours to finish viewing 3 caves
Strongly suggests to plan on a trip for those caves first, then you can go to major&minor stone forest to avoid the crowds。High heels are not suggested inside the caves

The Location of Zhiyun Cave in The Stone Forest, Kunming