Three Wells in Lijiang Old Town

About Three Wells in Lijiang Old Town

Although Naxi ancestors lived in Lijiang Old Town with rich water resource, They still cherish a kind of original conception that make the best use of water in harmony with nature. Three Wells in Lijiang Old Town not only have local ethnic feature but also are scientific, sanitary, reasonable and convenient. According to the elevation difference, Naxi ancestors built three-graded wells and separated them into different application. Being the source of spring, the first well is used to daily drink. Water overflows from the first well and runs into the second well, which is used to wash dishes. Then the third well is used to wash clothes. Finally, water pours into the gutterway. Wherever the three wells are, small plaza and ancient trees are surrounded. Except for the people who come to carry water, wash dishes and wash clothes, many old men and children will come here to take a rest and play games, forming a special living scene in Lijiang Old Town.

Other Attractions in Lijiang Old Town

▪ Mu’s Residence 

Mu’ Residence is a splendid ancient architecture first built in Yuan Dynasty, which not only reflects ancient architectural style in central plains of Ming Dynasty but also remains the lingering charm of Tang and Song Dynasty. Mu’s Residence was called the miniature Forbidden City. Looked from a far distance, it likes a grand imperial palace and it is famous for the grandness and architectural buildings. 

▪ Wangu Tower 

Located on the top of Lion Hill, Wangu Tower is 32.8 meters in height with 123,000 dragon head of Naxi style on the top, which ranks the world’s greatest. Standing on the top of the tower, you can hace panoramic view of the whole Lijiang Old Town and rivers to the east, the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain to the north and Naxi villages to the south, which is magnificent.

▪ Black Dragon Pool

Black Dragon Pool Park, also called Jade Spring Park, is located at the foot of Elephant Hill. The well-arranged ancient architectures, exquisite temples, pavilions and bridges over the pool offers a spectacular landscape to the visitors. Standing on the white marble bridge, visitors can also have a view of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, which is holy and pure.

▪ Dongba Culture Museum

Lijiang Dongba Culture Museum is located in the north of Black Dragon Pool Park, established in 1984. Built according to the traditional Naxi architectural style with four sets, the museum has more than 12,000 rare Dongba relics including unearthed cultural relics, paintings and calligraphy of all ages, Dongba scriptures and religious articles, etc.


You can take bus No.2/13 to Parking Lot Station of Old Town, or take bus No.7 to Department Store Station then walk into the old town from the north gate. And you can take bus No.2/3/12 to South Gate Street Station and walk into the old town from the south gate.

Travel Tips of Three Wells in Lijiang Old Town

Three Wells of Shuhe Old Town in Lijiang

There are five large or small three-wells in Lijiang Old Town, among which the Three Wells of Malong Pool, Shiliu Well and Yican Well are the larger ones.

  • Three Wells of Malong Pool is located in the Guangbi Alley, Guangyi Street, that is the entrance of southwest Lijiang Old Town. 
  • Shiliu Well and Yican Well is located in Qiyi Street and Mishi Alley, all belonging to the busy streets in Lijiang Old Town.