Lijiang Ancient Town Culture

Lijiang Old Town was built during the late Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279), making it enjoy 800 years history. There are about 4,200 original families living in the old town today. Its layout is unique, being a perfect fusion of Han Chinese, Bai, and Tibetan styles. In fact, UNESCO's World Heritage Foundation named Lijiang Old Town on its World Heritage List in 1997 cited precisely this unique architectural-cultural blend that has become the hallmark of the Naxi people there. Dozens of minorities inhabit in Lijinang Ancient Town with Naxi Group as the major population. As a result of the combination of the multinational culture and the progress of Naxi ethnic minority, Lijiang Ancient Town display its charm with unique festivals and brilliant culture. Go through a list of the festivals.

1.San Duo Festival
2.Torch Festival
3.Bangbang Festival (Stick Festival)
4.Jiazi Fair
5.Mule & Horse Fair

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