Dawangyan Cliff Painting in Malipo County, Wenshan

Why is the Dawangyan Cliff Painting So Special?

Dawangyan cliff painting大王岩岩画 is located on the rock face of Dawangyan in the eastern suburb of Malipo county麻栗坡县, about 150 meters away from the Chouyang river畴阳河. Cliff paintings are painted according to the natural stone walls. Malipo Dawangyan cliff painting is a representative work of the Honghe river basin in the cliff painting system in southern China. It has been praised by the international cliff painting circle as representing a huge original creativity. Cliff paintings are works from neolithic to late Bronze Age. The abstract painting technique of cliff painting and the typical art style of illustration and decoration are worthy of the artistic treasures at that period. The cliff paintings are painted in red, white and black with strong color contrast and distinct expression of the style of Chinese cliff paintings. They provide valuable materials for the study of primitive religion, nationality, fine arts and cliff paintings, and have important historical and artistic value. With regard to the study of ancient Chinese art, Dawangyan Cliff Painting is undoubtedly a rare treasure.

Features of Dawangyan Cliff Painting?

Dawangyan Cliff Paiting in Malipo County, Wenshan

The east of Dawangyan cliff painting is Xiaohedong小河洞 neolithic cave site. The excavated artifacts from Xiaohedong site share common features with those unearthed in the same era in the southeast coastal areas of China, but also have the characteristics of Yunnan neolithic. Xiaohedong site is one of the eight neolithic culture types in Yunnan province. The “Protective God Statue保护神像” cliff painting, as well as the grotesque and mysterious images in the cliff painting, is a symbol of religious worship. The mass of the cliff paintings and the simultaneous use of red, white and black paintings are very representative in the cliff paintings. It provides precious materials for the study on primitive religion, nationality, fine arts and cliff painting art, which has important historical value and artistic value.

Nearby Attraction

Chengzhai Village城寨村

Located in Donggan Town of Malipo County in Wenshan, Yunnan, 134 kilometers from the county seat of Malipo County, Chengzhai village城寨村 is an ancient village hidden in the mountains. Chengzhai Village, an ancient village of the Bailuo people, with its primitive clothes, strange folk customs and unique stilt style architecture, is listed as the intangible cultural heritage of Yunnan Province, and is regarded as the most traditional village in China.

Best Time to Visit

No matter when you go to Dawangyan Cliff Painting大王岩岩画, you can feel the profound history and strong ethnic culture there. Therefore, Dawangyan Cliff Painting visit is available all the year round. 

How to Get There

1. By Long-distance Bus

There are long-distance buses from Kunming to Malipo County. Dawangyan Cliff Painting is close to Malipo Bus Terminal.

Kunming East Bus Station-Malipo Bus Terminal

Departure Time: 11:00, 18:30

Price: 137 CNY

Distance: 394 kilometers

Consume Time: 6 hours

2. By Train

If you want to take train, you should go to Zhulin Station珠琳站 in Guangnan county first. Then another 2 hours is needed from Zhulin Railway Station to Malipo County.

Kunming Railway Station-Zhulin Railway Station

Departure Time: 17:12

Price: 103 CNY

Distance: 413 kilometers

Consume Time: 2 hours

Kunming South Railway Station-Zhulin Railway Station

Departure Time: 7:30

Price: 92 CNY

Distance: 407 kilometers

Consume Time: 1.5 hours

Accommodation Around Malipo County

Dawangyan Cliff Painting is not far from the county seat of Malipo County. 

1. Dawangyan Hotel大王岩酒店

Address: No.288, Yuerbei Road, Mali Town, Malipo County, Wenshan Prefecture文山州麻栗坡县麻栗镇玉尔贝路288号

Tel: 0876-6628899

2. Guohao Hotel麻栗坡国豪大酒店

Address: No.190, Yuerbei Road, Malipo County, Wenshan文山州麻栗坡县玉尔贝路190号

Tel: 0876-6629888

Starting Price: 149 CNY

3. Yajing Theme Hotel麻栗坡雅景主题酒店

Address: No.260, Yuerbei Road, Mali Town, Malipo County, Wenshan文山州麻栗坡县麻栗镇玉尔贝路260号

Tel: 0876-6621777

Starting Price: 94 CNY

Dawangyan Cliff Paiting in Malipo County, Wenshan

Useful Travel Tips

1. You’d better visit the cliff painting on the sunny days.

2. Don’t scribble the cliff painting on the rock faces.