Ruili Festivals and Events

Festivals and activities of Ruili indicate the local tradition, religion belief and life styles.Enjoy the local festivals and activities, your travel will full of unique flavor. They will help you to know more about the local culture.

Festivals and activities

  • Sino-Burmese Baobo Carnival in Ruili City瑞丽中缅胞波狂欢节
    “Baobo” literally means “brother” in Burmese.  China and Myanmar have been backing on each other by mountains and rivers, and inked with villages from ancient times.Sino-Myanmar Carnival of Ruili has continuously extended, being developed into a major international festival for harmonious gathering of Chinese and Burmese.
  • Water Splashing Festival 泼水节
    It is the traditional festival of Dai and De’ang ethnic minority. During this time, people splash water to each other to show wishes and get rid of the bad things last year.
  • Chuwa and Ganduo Festival of Dai Ethnic Minority 傣族出洼干朵节
    It is the religion festival. During the festival, Dai people dress up and go out to Ganbai(celebrating the holiday)
  • Munaozongge Festival 目瑙纵歌节
    Munaozongge means that everyone dances together in Jingpo language. It is the grandest festival of Jingpo ethnic minority to sacrifice and commemorate their hero.
  • Kuoshi Festival 阔时节                                                                                          Kuoshi Festival is the traditional festival of Lisu ethnic minority which means the festival of singing and dancing in the new year.
  • Sino-Myanmar Oxcart Beauty Contest 牛车选美
    The selection of Oxcar tis a classic activity of the annual carnival of China and Burma. The selection is composed of five parts: the ox, the decorated cart, the beauty, the ox boy and the paraphrase of the decoration. The beauty of the ox cart should be beautiful, elegant and generous.The beauties are dressed in the costumes of the ethnic minorities of China and Burma.
  • Treasure Seeking 淘宝
    Treasure seeking tour is a special way of Ruili. In the river with rich gemstone, tourists can seek treasure with certain tools. The hidden opportunities in it make it possible for participants to become lucky at any time. The joy of participation and the surprise make it popular among tourists.