Taobaochang in Ruili City, Dehong

Why is Taobaochang So Special

Ruili is in the same mineral belt as the world-famous Burmese gemstones. It has been widely circulated that the local residents have gotten gemstones with high value. In 1998, a gem-rich mine was newly discovered on the side of this mineral belt in China. Through the census of the Fourth Geological Brigade of the Yunnan Provincial Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources and the general survey of the mine sites, it was proved that there are rubies, garnets,blue corundum and other gemstones. The samples taken were processed and identified by the Gemological Research Office of the China Geological Museum and the Gemological Research and Appraisal Office of the Ministry of Geology and Minerals. From the 1km2 area of the evaluated mining area, the flood alluvial deposits are larger in scale, and gem minerals are found in the gravel layer, especially in the middle section of the river (now the location of Taobaochang), which has the highest content of various gemstone minerals. According to the discovery, with the approval of the relevant departments, Ruili City has launched the only special tourism new project in China, which is lucky and participatory, Taobao. Visitors can participate in Taobao, use the prescribed tools to pick up the gemstones, and the precious gemstone ore that can be picked up can be identified by the Myanmar gemstone processor, and processed into a ring, necklace, bracelet and other gemstone products. The hidden opportunities in Taobao make it possible for participants to become lucky at any time. The joy of participation and the surprises made this tour have received attention and welcome from all walks of life.

Where is Taobaochang

It is located in Nongdao Town, Ruili City, Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture.

History and Culture of Taobaochang

Ruili Taobaochang is located in the west of Nongdao Town, Ruili City, about 35 kilometers from the urban area and covers an area of 60 hectares. It is a world-famous gemstone metallogenic belt. The Ruili Taobaochang, which stretches for more than 10 kilometers along the clear Nangu River, is one of the most concentrated areas in the gemstone belt. The Taobaochang is located in the border area of China and Burma. It is more than ten kilometers long and is a small tributary of Nanwan River. The upper reaches of the Nangu River is a gemstone belt on the Chinese border, which is part of the Sino-Myanmar gemstone belt. In the past 100 years, dozens of gemstone fields of various sizes have been established. Due to the dispersion of precious stones, the mining cost is extremely high and the mining value is lacking. However, as the landscape washed away, many large and small gemstones are washed into the river, sinking in the riverbed, and mixed in the sand. Because of the large amount, as long as they go to the scouring, they all have something to get.

How to Get Taobaochang

There are no public transportation and other public facilities near Taobaochang. You can only drive or charter a car to get there.

Best Time to Go

The best time to visit Taobaochang is from September to May of the following year. During these months, travelers can avoid the hot and humid seasons.

Nearby Attractions

One-Tree Forest

In fact, One-Tree Forest is a large banyan tree, which has a history of more than 900 years, with 32 earial roots streight pinning into the earth. Banyan is a special and unique landscape in Ruili, it’s everywhere no matter in the vallies or villages or on the sides of the roads. people value banyan as holy tree, so they only plant these trees but don’t cut them. The big Banyan is in the one-tree forest park, and it’s 28 meters, what makes it more precious is that it has been standing there for over 200 years. The tree has many aerial roots hanging down from above, and they are interwined with one another, ending in the root. there are also so many aerial roots hanging down and they took roots in the earth, forming a forest that makes up of pillar-like roots, thus one-tree forest is shaped. It’s a very attractive and magical natural scenery. One-tree Forest has become a scenery that tourist must go, and it’s one of the hottest sceneries in Ruili. 

Zhaduo Waterfall

Moli Waterfall is located in Moli Valley, also called Zhaduo Waterfall, and hides in deep mountains and forest. the clean water falls from 40-meter cliff, it’s like a white silk flying and dancing in the wind, you can hear the falling sound of water far away. There is a small brook flowing under the waterfall. The whole part of the waterfall is the soul of the scenic area, it’s very enjoyable to watch and feel the waterfall in the morning when the sun rises. It’s also very worthy to go there in summer, you can feel splashes from the waterfall and splash on your face, it’s very nice and cool.

Moli Tropical Rainforest

Moli Tropical Rainforest, is known as its tropical rainforest view and Buddhist holy land, the whole scenic area is 1.5 kilometers long. Moli, also known as Zhaduo, refers to a grand waterfall. Moli is known as a natural oxygen bar, which is healthy for people.

Travel Tips:

  • Comply with local folk customs;
  • Respect local religious beliefs;
  • Protect the public environment, do not throw garbage at random;
  • Do not take pictures or video at random;
  • Please take care of the safety of tourists with children and the elderly;
  • Participate in water activities, please wear life jackets as required, and follow the instructions of the staff;
  • Do not go beyond the safety warning line; do not go out alone.