When is the Best Time to Ride Motorbike in China

China has a continental climate, and latitude spanning nearly 50 degrees. Much of the landmass is situated in the temperate zone, with the tropical and subtropical zones to the south, and reaching the Frigid Zone in the north, so temperatures differ strikingly across the country. We provide the following information for riders who want ride through this massive country.
Ideal months to travel in China would be from March to early November, these months are Spring, Summer and Autumn which are good for most parts of China.

Due to varied altitudes and latitudes of different destinations, there are some general weather guidelines to different regions.

1. Northwestern and western China (Xinjiang, Tibet, Qinghai): April to mid October

2. Central China (Beijing, Xi’an, Chengdu): March to early November

3. Southern China (Yunnan): All year around but you may want to avoid July, August, too much rain