Wuliang Mountain Black-Bone Chicken in Jingdong County, Puer

Wuliang Mountain Black-Bone Chicken in Jingdong County is a speciality of Jingdong County, Pu’er City, Yunnan. It has good resistance and compatibility by coarse feed, along with other characteristics like high reproduction rate, delicate taste, high nutritional value etc., thus it sells well in the marketplace. Jingdong County is definitely “the hometown of Wuliang Mountain Black-Bone Chicken”.

Wuliang Mountain Black-Bone Chicken, former name as Ailao Mountain Macrospecies Hair Pin Chicken, is an excellent local chicken variety selected and bred by Jingdong people during long-term living and production process. In September 2009, the Poultry Genetic Resource Appraisal Commission of Ministry of Agriculture of the People’s Republic of China appraised and renamed it as Wuliang Mountain Black-Bone Chicken, and enlisted it into the List of National  Poultry Genetic Resource Pool. Thus, Jingdong County became “the hometown of Wuliang Mountain Black-Bone Chicken”.

Mushroom known as champignon in Jingdong, is commonly seen and can be easily collected on Wuliang Mountain and Ailao Mountain in Jingdong. Using mushroom to boil with chicken can add the flavor and nutrition of mushroom to chicken. It is a common dish for Jingdong people.

Using bamboo shoot to boil with Wuliang Mountain black-bone chicken, creamy white soup, fragrant and sweet taste. The bamboo shoot has to be fresh, dig it just before boiling it to maintain the original taste and flavor.

It is a popular dish in Jingdong. Cut the chicken into small pieces and boil them, add bamboo shoot, edible fungus and other vegetables that you like, then it is done. As the saying goes – “Add three kinds of vegetables without cooking oil”, which means people think it tastes good with a little cooking oil. But the cooking oil can be saved if you put three kinds of vegetables in the dish, it tastes good as well.