Jingdong County Administrative Divisions

As of 2016, Jingdong Yi Autonomous County has jurisdiction over 10 towns and 3 townships, with 13 townships (towns), 166 village committees, 4 communities, and 2,363 villager groups. The government is located in Jinping Town.

  • 10 Towns: Jinping Town (锦屏镇), Wenjing Town (文井镇), Manwan Town (漫湾镇), Dachaoshandong Town (大朝山东镇), Huashan Town (花山镇), Dajie Town (大街镇), Taizhong Town (太忠镇), Wenlong Town(文龙镇), Anding Town(安定镇), Jingfu Town(景福镇).
  • 3 Townships: Mandeng Township (曼等乡), Longjie Township (龙街乡), Linjie Township(林街乡)