Jingdong County Shopping

What to Buy in Jingdong County

Jingdong Yi Autonomous County is an autonomous county under the jurisdiction of Pu'er Prefecture, Yunnan Province, China. When you travel to Jingdong Yi Autonomous County, you can buy much things as Pu’er or Pu-erh Tea(普洱茶), Sugarcane (甘蔗), Yi People Costumes(彝族服饰), Jingdong Walnut (景东核桃) and so on.

1. Pu’er Tea

Pu'er Tea is a variety of fermented and aged dark tea produced in Yunnan province, China. Fermentation in the context of tea production involves  to microbial fermentation and oxidation of the tea leaves, after they have been dried and rolled. This process is a Chinese specialty and produces tea known as Hei Cha (黑茶), commonly translated as dark, or black tea (this type of tea is different from what in the West is known as "black tea", which in China is called "red tea" 红茶). The best known variety of this category of tea is Puer Tea from Yunnan Province, named after the trading post for dark tea during imperial China.

2. Sugarcane

Sugarcane is a tropical, perennial grass that forms lateral shoots at the base to produce multiple stems, typically three to four metres high and about five cm in diameter. The stems grow into cane stalk, which when mature constitutes approximately 75% of the entire plant. A mature stalk is typically composed of 11–16% fiber, 12–16% soluble sugars, 2–3% non-sugars, and 63–73% water. A sugarcane crop is sensitive to the climate, soil type, irrigation, fertilizers, insects, disease control, varieties, and the harvest period. The average yield of cane stalk is 60–70 tonnes per hectare per year. However, this figure can vary between 30 and 180 tonnes per hectare depending on knowledge and crop management approach used in sugarcane cultivation. Sugarcane is a cash crop, but it is also used as livestock fodder.

3. Yi People Costumes

The Yi people’s traditional costumes vary in different regions. In Mt. Liangshan area in Sichuan Province and west Guizhou, men usually wear black jackets with tight sleeves and right-side askew fronts, and pleated trousers with wide bottom. While in some other areas, men wear tight-bottomed trousers, and grow a small path of hair above the forehead to be tied with a turban. Women wear embroidered jackets and pleated long skirts hemmed with multiple layers. They use turbans to wrap their hair. Middle-aged women wear black turbans, while young women prefer embroidered square kerchiefs. Their accessories include earrings, bracelets, rings, collar press, and so on. When going outdoors, men and women wear a dark woolen cape with long tassels reaching to the knees.

4. Jingdong Walnut 

The walnut in Jingdong is very delicious and famous.Walnuts are rounded, single-seeded stone fruits of the walnut tree commonly used for the walnut kernel after fully ripening. Following full ripening, the removal of the husk reveals the wrinkly walnut shell, which is usually commercially found in two segments (three-segment shells can be also formed). During the ripening process, the husk will become brittle and the shell hard. The shell encloses the kernel, which is usually made up of two halves separated by a partition. The seed kernels – commonly available as shelled walnuts – are enclosed in a brown seed coat which contains antioxidants. The antioxidants protect the oil-rich seed from atmospheric oxygen, thereby preventing rancidity. Walnuts are late to grow leaves, typically not until more than halfway through the spring. They secrete chemicals into the soil to prevent competing vegetation from growing. Because of this, flowers or vegetable gardens should not be planted close to them.

Where to Buy in Jingdong County

In Jingdong County, it is convenient to buy the local products. Many shops are sold the local products. Such as,

1. Jingdong Nongyou Local Products Business Department

Add: No. 11 Ruixia Road, Jingdong County, Pu’er

2. Jingdong Erjie Souvenir Shop

Add: No. 86, Lingyun Road, Jingdong County, Pu’er

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