Jingdong County Accommodation

Where to Stay in Jingdong County

Jingdong County is a county under the jurisdiction of Pu'er City, Yunnan Province, China. There are many hotels around Jingdong County. Yunnan Exploration will provide the best hotels for you. The recommended hotels as follows:

1. Pu’er Jingdong Kaihong Hotel(普洱景东凯宏公寓)

Add: No. 25 Jingchuan Road, Jingdong, Pu’er (普洱景东景川路25号)
Tel: 0879-6226968

2. Lantian Hotel(蓝天酒店)

Add: No. 2 Yuping Road, Jingdong, Pu’er(普洱景东玉屏路2号)
Tel: 0879-6229999

3. Jnifeng Grand Hotel(金丰大酒店)

Add: No. 74 Lingyun Road, Jingdong, Pu’er(普洱景东凌云路74号)
Tel: 0879-6222266

4. Jingdong Huangma Hotel(景东皇马酒店)

Add: No. 36 Lingyun Road, Jingdong(景东凌云路36号)
Tel: 0879-6227266/13628795303

5. Jingdong Jinghao Hotel(景东景豪大酒店)

Add: Next to Jingtai Daqiao, jinping Town, Jingdong(景东 锦屏镇景太大桥旁)
Tel: 0879-3083222

6. Jingdong Nanyanghe Hotel(景东南羊河酒店)

Add: No. 86 Lingyun Road, Jingdong
Tel: 0879-6220933 

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