Featured Banquets in Puer

Horse Caravan Banquet(马帮宴), Dendrobe Banquet(石斛宴) and Tea Banquet(茶韵宴) give a new promotion of traditional food materials like dendrobe, tea leaves, sealwort, woven garment bag, sea boat, insects, chicken, sheep, fish, cattle etc.

The names of dishes on Horse Gang Banquet are full of history breath: Phoenix Nest, Ten-Thousand-Year Boat, Horse Gang Love Song, Ding-Ding-Dang Camel Bell, Faery of Flowers, White Snow In Sunny Spring, Rising Moon, Red Tail of Riverlet, Sightseeing Tour, Winding Peaks and Paths, Pull Chestnuts out of the Fire, Pu’er Cake, Kudzuvine Root Honey Water, Pu’er Copper Pot Liquor, Pu’er Red Love Fruit. They combine the historical culture with the horse gang dishes.

Dendrobe Banquet takes dendrobe – one of the nine immortal grass jellies in China – as the main cooking material.

Tea Banquet takes Pu’er tea as the cooking material, and its dishes include: Tea Garden Surging, Tea Oil Silk Ribbon, Cock Crow in Jingmai, Thousand-Year Fish, Wuliang Mutton Chop, Camellia Beef, Tawny Eight Diagrams, Pu’er Chicken Tofu Pudding, Land Tea Delicacies, Pu’er Steamed Cake, Love under a Rosy Sky, Screen of Green.