Xincun Village of Tiger Leaping Gorge, Shangrila

Chinese Name:新村/永壳村
English Name: Xincun Village or Yongke Village

Xincun Village is called as Yongke Village as well, named as Xincun because it’s a relocation village from Haba Village since a geological disaster in 1997. The main inhabitants are Naxi people. It located in a hot arid valley with less rain, at a altitude of 1900m. it’s appropriate for planting rice, wheat and corn because of low altitude and open terrain. Travelers can overlook the whole Tiger Leaping Gorge and Daju Village in Lijiang. Hiking from Walnut Garden Village to Xincun will pass the Old Ferry Port and Huashiban(Sliding Block), then descend down to the lower Tiger Leaping Gorge between Xuncun Village and Daju Village. For people who want to hike for Haba Village, you can trek northwards the Xincun Village. However, for visitors who want to get back to Lijiang, you can take a boat to cross the river at the New Ferry Port. Walk several minutes to the park lot, then drive back to Lijiang.