Tiger Leaping Gorge Travel Tips

Tiger Leaping Gorge Travel Tips will mainly introduce the useful information including the transportation, best time to visit, how many days to visit, etc, which can give you the better understanding of Tiger Leaping Gorge.

Useful Numbers of Tiger Leaping Gorge

  • Fire: 119
  • Police: 110
  • Ambulance: 120
  • Consumption Complaint: 12315

Best Time to Visit Tiger Leaping Gorge

Tiger Leaping Gorge hike can be undertaken at any time around the year as it enjoys a mild climate even in winter (5-15 degrees Celsius), but the temperature difference of a day is great. Between April and June and the autumn time during September to October is the best time to travel. During these two periods it is suitable to go hiking on the Tiger Leaping Gorge, also can see the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain scenery. The late spring and early summer the temperature is moderate, flowers on the meadow blooming like a piece of brocade which is charming.
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How to Visit Tiger Leaping Gorge

If you get dropped off in Hutiaoxia Town, you are right near the starting point for the High Trail. When you enter the town, the driver will stop off at the ticket booth, where you will be charged 65RMB for entrance to Tiger Leaping Gorge. This is valid throughout the duration of your stay in the area. It is possible to avoid this fee if you arrive early in the morning or late afternoon.

Another option would be to get dropped off before town and then walk around the main street. Located about 4km from the town along the river road, the Upper Gorge has a series of boardwalks that lead you right down to the mighty Jinsha River. The view you get here is well worth the extra journey.

How to Visit Tiger Leaping Gorge without Heavy Luggage

If you have a large backpack that you don’t want to take on the trek with you, Jane’s Guesthouse will happily store it for the one-off cost of 5RMB, no matter how long for. The guesthouse is about 100m past the ticket booth in Hutiaoxia Town, and is a great place to stay either before or after the trek. For the start of the High Trail, continue walking down the hill past Jane’s Guesthouse past a large school. A bit further on, you will see a road leading uphill to your left and a sign saying, “Tiger Leaping Gorge Hiking High Trail Thus Into”. Continue up that road (don’t turn off it) for about 45 minutes and you will see a trail heading up a steep hill with another sign. There is the start of the High Trail.

How Many Days to Complete the Trekking?

Some people do it in 1.5 days, others have done it in one long day. If you are short on time, then this amount of time might be your only option. But if you really want to take your time and appreciate every moment of the trekking, we recommend doing it over 3 days – especially if you want to check out the Upper Gorge and Walnut Garden at the end of your Tiger Leaping Gorge trekking. There is also a Low Trail, which follows the other side of the river. This is not the trek you are looking for, although the views are meant to be quite nice as well.

Important Travel Tips for Visiting Tiger Leaping Gorge

How to Get to Tiger Leaping Gorge

There are two buses depart (8:00 and 8:30) from Lijiang to Hutiaoxia Town directly. Or you can take a bus from Lijiang to Shangri-La County, and drop off at Hutiaoxia Town.There are many buses from Shangri-La City to Lijiang, getting off at Hutiaoxia Town.
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Tiger Leaping Gorge Food

 The most famous Tiger Leaping Gorge Food are vegetables. The people pay attention to refreshing of the food in Tiger Leaping Gorge. The cuisine of meat is mainly focus on baking and stewing. Don’t miss some local food like Lijiang Baba.
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Tiger Leaping Gorge Shopping

When you come to Tiger Leaping Gorge, you want to take some specialties home, these local products, such as Dongba Woodcarving(东巴木雕), Naxi Shawls(纳西披肩), Yak Meat, Tibetan Handicrafts, Dongba Batik, etc. will be good choices for your relatives and friends. What's more, you can buy these local products from the local people. 

Where to Stay in Tiger Leaping Gorge

There are some hostels with average prices for 100-150 RMB along the hiking route. Since the Tiger Leaping Gorge is well-known to people all over the world and more and more backpackers flock here, you’d better arranging the hostels early, especially at the peak tourist season. It is very convenient to find hostels along the hiking routes of Tiger Leaping Gorge, such as Naxi Family Guesthouse.

Things to Do in Tiger Leaping Gorge

Yunnan Tiger Leaping Gorge Attractions include three parts: the upper section, middle section and lower section. The Tiger Leaping Gorge is famous for its steepness, one of the deepest gorges in the world and sits between Haba Snow Mountain in the north and Jade Dragon Snow Mountain in the south. As a hiking paradise, Things to Do in Tiger Leaping Gorge Yunnan cover challenging sections like 28 Zigzag Turns and Middle Rapids which are considered as the highlights of Tiger Leaping Gorge. In addition, Walnut Garden Village, Bendiwan Village is also a favored spot by hikers. The Top Tiger Leaping Gorge Attractions are absolutely the splendid gorge and surging Jinsha River.

Top Attractions in Tiger Leaping Gorge

Matters need attention

  • Take care of your luggage and important things, such as passport and visa.
  • Check out the weather report before your travel. Do not go sightseeing in bad weather.
  • Respect and follow local custom and avoid conflicts.

Photography Tips

  • High Trail-you can take photos with Haba Snow Mountain and Jade Dragon Snow Mountain
  • Naxi Family Guesthouse(纳西雅阁) and Tea and Horse Guesthouse (茶马客栈) are the best places to take photos of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

Packing List for Tiger Leaping Gorge Hiking

  • Quick-dry light clothes
  • Jacket
  • An pair of anti-skid shoes
  • A bottle of mineral water
  • Alpenstock
  • Small bag
  • Food such as chocolate, sliced dried beef etc.

Other Travel Tips for Visiting Tiger Leaping Gorge

  • In China, please had better not travel in peak seasons, such as Chinese New YearInternational Labor Day and National Day. If you want to experience the traditional festival culture, Taking a tour during the traditional festivals of China can get the opportunity to experience the festivals culture.
  • Be careful of the changeable temperature. A few chilly days could be followed by relatively hot weather. So it is better to take some early winter clothes to protect you away from the sudden low temperature.
  • Bring snacks with you if you tend to get hungry during treks. We took some dried fruits and nuts bought from a supermarket in Lijiang, and this was enough for us. Food can be bought at all the guest houses along the route.
  • Have at least 2 litres of water with you at all times. More is recommended. Again, you buy water at all the guest houses (5-10RMB per bottle). We carry a SteriPen, which allows us to sterilise tap and creek water, just to be safe.
  • Make sure you have wet weather gear, as it can change very quickly in Tiger Leaping Gorge.
  • If trekking in winter (October to March), the temperature can, and will, plummet. Wear layers and gloves.
  • It is almost impossible to get lost along the way. Red and yellow arrows pointing to various guest houses are painted on stones periodically along the trail, as well as blue sign posts.
  • If you do take the bus from Tina’s, they will stop at Jane’s Guesthouse so you can grab your other backpack.