Tiger Leaping Gorge Shopping

Tiger Leaping Gorge Shopping Guide provides you the detailed information about what to buy and where to buy the local products in Tiger Leaping Gorge when you travel to Tiger Leaping Gorge. Tiger Leaping Gorge is a part of the Three Parallel Rivers of Yunnan Protected Areas-World Heritage Site and one of the top hiking routes in the world. The main inhabitants are Tibetan people and Naxi people who live spread over the valley. Here are some information related to what to buy and where to buy in Tiger Leaping Gorge for travelers.

What to Buy in Tiger Leaping Gorge

Dongba Woodcarving(东巴木雕)

Dongba woodcarving is mainly used rhododendron wood, a kind of tree, bloom in April or May, as the material. In generally, three or four people can encircle them. On this kind of wood, sculptors use circular, embossed and three-dimensional carving techniques to engrave round, square and three-dimensional patterns.

Naxi Shawls(纳西披肩)

The shawl is a symbol of the industriousness and bravery of Naxi women. It is the most representative embroidery craft decoration figure of the Naxi people. It is also an example of perfect design in Chinese minority costume art. It condenses the wisdom and talents of Naxi women. The combination of various patterns and the use of national individualized color expressions and colorful embroidery effects are the main artistic features of the Naxi shawls. Choose some Lijiang-style ones to be in memory of your beautiful Lijiang Travel.

Yak Meat

Living in the area above 3500 meters all year round, yaks often eat wild herbs such as fritillaria, cordyceps and so on. Therefore, their meat is delicious and tasty. In addition, yak beef can be braised in soy sauce, stewed or dried to eat, with unique taste. Yak body is treasure, meat can be eaten, skin can be sewn into garment, boots and bags, etc., head can be processed into crafts, tail can be made into brooms, and bullwhip is an aphrodisiac medicine.

Tibetan Handicrafts

Various kinds of Tibetan handicrafts are also Shangri-la specialties, such as celestial beads, silver body protection Buddha box, Tibetan incense, etc. Most of them have ethnic characteristics and very beautiful. Wooden bowl and box, Tibetan silver ornaments and Tibetan knife are popular items in this area. Tibetan ornaments mainly include various necklaces, rings and bracelets. 

Dongba Batik

Batik is an inherent Naxi Dongba cultural connotation of dyeing products, full of ethnic customs to Tiger Leaping Gorge shopping can buy some.

Where to Buy in Tiger Leaping Gorge

It is very difficult to find a specialty store in Tiger Leaping Gorge. However, you can buy the local products from the local families.

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