Yunnan Tourism Automobile Co., Ltd. (Kunming)

As one of the best tourist transportation companies of Yunnan Exploration, Yunnan Tourism Automobile Co., Ltd. (云南省旅游汽车公司/Yunnansheng Lvyou Qiche Gongsi in Chinese) is one of the largest Tourism Automobile Company in Yunnan Province.

Yunnan Tourism Automobile Co., Ltd., established in 1985, is a significant component of Yunnan Province’s tourism industry. Headquartered in Kunming, it is one of the largest tourism passenger transport enterprises in the province.

Scope of Business

The company’s main businesses include tourism vehicle leasing, charter services, and event transportation. With an extensive service network and years of experience, the company provides safe, convenient, and comfortable transportation solutions to its clients.

Qualifications and Certifications

Yunnan Tourism Automobile Co., Ltd. has obtained ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification, ensuring service quality meets international standards. It enjoys a good reputation in the industry and is recognized as a AAA-grade tourism passenger transport enterprise.

Major Services

  • Tourism Vehicle Leasing: Offers various high-end cars and commercial vehicles for lease, catering to diverse client needs.
  • Charter Services: Provides customized charter services for travel agencies, enterprises, and individuals, covering tourism, business trips, and meetings.
  • Event Transportation: Offers vehicle services for conferences, exhibitions, and large-scale events, delivering professional transportation solutions.

Corporate Spirit

Adhering to the principle of “safety first, service paramount,” the company is committed to providing high-quality transportation and tourism services. It continuously innovates and enhances service levels to meet the diverse needs and expectations of its clients.

These details outline the basic information and primary business scope of Yunnan Tourism Automobile Co., Ltd.