Guochagang Tea Market in Kunming

Introduction of Guochagang(国茶港) Tea Market

Guochagang(国茶港) tea market is located in Wuhua district, Kunming, covering an area of 50 acres and costing a biliion yuan. Guochagang tea market is an urban complex project, known as China’s chief  yuntea landmark, the largest tea company headquarters base in southwest China, China’s first tea-themed high-end commercial city complex, and China’s first comprehensive Pu’er tea commodity trading venue. Guochagang was jointly established by Pu’er State-owned Assets Management Co., Ltd. (普洱国有资产有限管理公司)and Yunnan Fanpu Real Estate Co., Ltd.(云南凡普房地产有限公司)

Significance of Guochagang(国茶港) Tea Market

With Yuncha as the cornerstone of the industry, Guochagang(国茶港) tea market will present a panoramic business format. With the support of the government, Guochagang(国茶港) tea market will establish the nation’s only Pu’er tea culture and technology exchange center, and establish the first Pu’er tea integrity system that integrates national appraisal, world-class auctions and top-level collections. Only by setting industry benchmarks can the “fidelity and value-added” of tea be guaranteed.

With the tea authority appraisal, you will feel at ease regardless of the price of the tea you buy; with the Tea Auction Center, the tea that was originally appreciated and bid only in a small circle will be advertised to a wider group. Get approval to avoid slump and regulate the market. This is based on the model of some mature industries, such as jewelry, calligraphy, antiques, rare flowers, etc. Moreover, with the collection center, senior buyers no longer need to worry about tea. The lack of a suitable storage environment is also a reference to the safe business of banks, etc. In short, cross-border thinking makes all activities of tea full of vitality.

Guochagang(国茶港)tea market is the future industry leader!

Edited by Ziwei Chen/陈紫薇