Kunming Zhongbei Group Tourism Automobile Corporation

As one of the best tourist transportation companies of Yunnan Exploration, Kunming Zhongbei Group Tourism Automobile Corporation(昆明中北旅游汽车公司/Kunming Zhongbei Lvyou Qiche Gongsi in Chinese) is one of the largest Tourism Automobile Company in Kunming.

Establishment and Evolution
Kunming Zonbon Transportation Tourism Group Co., Ltd., established in 1971, originally known as Kunming Taxi Company, is Yunnan Province’s oldest and largest enterprise in taxi and tourist passenger transport. In 2005, following profound reforms in property rights, it was restructured into a wholly state-owned company under the supervision of Kunming Municipal People’s Government’s State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission.

Achievements and Expansion
With the support of Kunming Municipal Party Committee, Municipal Government, and relevant departments, and seizing the opportunities presented by Yunnan Province’s development into a major tourist destination and the modernization of Kunming, Zonbon Transportation Tourism Group has liberated its thinking, strived for excellence, enhanced internal capabilities, and shaped its external image. It has actively expanded its market presence and competitive engagement, evolving into a diversified conglomerate primarily engaged in transportation passenger services and tourism. Its business scope extends to taxi operations, tourist passenger transport, domestic and outbound tourism, urban public transportation, car rentals, automotive services, sand resource development, building materials sales, financing guarantees, tourism shopping, and hotel management. The group manages thirteen wholly-owned, controlled, and joint venture subsidiaries, including Zonbon Taxi Company, Zonbon Tourist Passenger Transport Company, Zonbon Public Transport Co., Ltd., Zonbon International Travel Agency Co., Ltd., Zonbon Automotive Service Co., Ltd., Zonbon Car Rental Co., Ltd., Zonbon Property Management Co., Ltd., Zonbon Tourist Commodities Co., Ltd., Zonbon Financing Guarantee Co., Ltd., Kunming Public Transport City and Rural Bus Co., Ltd., Kunming Jiaotou Sand Resource Co., Ltd., Kunming Zonbon Hotel Co., Ltd., and Kunming Zonbon Enterprise Management Service Co., Ltd. Both the taxi and tourist passenger transport companies have obtained ISO9001 quality management system certification.

Corporate Philosophy and Service Commitment
Adhering to the corporate spirit of “diligence, dedication, and integrity in business,” Zonbon Transportation Tourism Group is committed to providing “safe, comfortable, fast, and high-quality” transportation passenger and tourism services to enterprises, institutions, the general public, and domestic and foreign tourists.

Industries and Services

Taxi Services

Kunming Zonbon Taxi Company is one of Kunming’s largest and most comprehensive taxi enterprises, with a fleet of over 700 taxis, accounting for approximately 10% of the city’s total taxi fleet. Upholding the group’s philosophy of “diligence, dedication, and integrity in business” and aiming to “build an elite management team and establish a high-quality corporate brand,” Zonbon Taxi provides “safe, convenient, civilized, and comfortable” taxi passenger transport services through specialized driver training and scientific, refined, and informatized management.

Construction Materials Investment

Established in December 2009 through joint investment by Kunming Municipal Transportation Investment Co., Ltd. and Kunming Zonbon Transportation Tourism Group Co., Ltd., Kunming Jiaotou Building Materials Co., Ltd. focuses on the development and utilization of non-metallic mineral resources, with production and sales of various building materials as its main direction. It has rapidly developed into a resource development enterprise operating in a diversified mode with strong competitive advantages, providing high-quality construction materials for Kunming Changshui International Airport, national key infrastructure projects, and multiple rail and highway construction projects. The company has established strategic partnerships with large enterprises such as Kunming Iron and Steel, Panzhihua Iron and Steel, Kunming Jiahua Cement Plant, Yiliang Hongshi Cement Plant, and Yunnan Construction Group.

Public Transport

Established jointly by Chongqing Minsheng Energy Group, Kunming Zonbon Transportation Tourism Group Co., Ltd., and Kunming Municipal Transportation Investment Co., Ltd., Kunming Zonbon Public Transport Co., Ltd. officially commenced operations on November 26, 2008. Since its inception, Zonbon Public Transport has been well-received by the public and tourists alike, operating 9 urban bus routes. Emphasizing a “people-oriented” approach, it advocates safe driving and high-quality service, aiming to innovate and perfect management systems continuously, making tourism public transport services a splendid urban landscape.

Tourist Passenger Transport

Kunming Zonbon Tourist Passenger Transport Co., Ltd., an early-established and strong tourist passenger transport backbone enterprise in Yunnan Province, undertakes tourism, government affairs, business, conference, sports and cultural events, and charter services for enterprises and institutions. Recognized as an AAA-grade tourist passenger transport enterprise by industry supervisory departments, it was awarded “Advanced Tourism Passenger Transport Enterprise” by the Yunnan Provincial People’s Government in 2009. With extensive experience, excellent qualifications, and first-class driving skills, it has obtained ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification. Upholding principles of integrity, customer-first, safety, quality, and service, Zonbon Tourist Passenger Transport is dedicated to providing safe, fast, comfortable, and convenient services for travelers.

Car Rental

Established in 1997, Kunming Zonbon Car Rental Co., Ltd. offers a variety of high-quality sedan and commercial vehicles tailored to customer needs, with multiple rental options. It specializes in providing high-end business and conference vehicle rental services to enterprises, large-scale conference events, and business clients, as well as wedding and self-drive tourism vehicle services. The company has won the trust of many customers and serves as the vehicle rental service provider for enterprises such as Southern Power Grid Company, Yunnan Television, and Yunnan Provincial Institute of Forestry Exploration. Leveraging successful experiences from advanced cities outside the province, Zonbon Car Rental strives to build a branded and networked marketing service system, aiming to become a modern automotive rental enterprise with the best management and service quality.

Car Repair

Zonbon Automotive Service Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zonbon Group, is a national Class II maintenance enterprise integrating car repair, automotive parts sales, car rescue, and insurance agency services, with qualifications for repairing large, medium, and small passenger vehicles and natural gas (CNG) conversion. Equipped with various professional testing and repair equipment and a team of high-quality and technically strong professionals in sheet metal, paint, electrical work, and mechanical repair, it serves as the designated vehicle repair enterprise for many enterprises and institutions. Upholding principles of integrity and quality first, Zonbon Automotive Service provides high-quality, safe, and attentive vehicle repair services.