Roaming around Luchong Scenic Area of Fuxian Lake in Yuxi

Whenever setting foot on Yunnan province, you are going to be impressed by verdant mountains, clear water, fragrant flowers and fresh air. Now I am going to show you the most beautiful lakeside views, which is Lu Chong.

Lu Chong is belonged to Chengjiang county, actually it is not far from Kunming, it just has 70 kilometers from Kun Ming. Most of all, Lu Chong scenic spot is beside Fu Xian Lake, it is also a four-star scenic spot.

Stepping to the beach, a sparkle of Fu Xian Lake comes into view, which is the second biggest fresh lake. Speaking of the Fu Xian Lake,  the legend goes that there were two fairies coming to human’s world, they had become hooked on the beauty of Fu Xian Lake and became two tone men who overlooked the beauty. The lake is as clear as a bright mirror, you even can see the fishes swimming leisurely. It is said that there is a ancient city below the lake, owing to the crustal movement, the ancient city sank under the water. Up to now, the Fu Xian Lake is still a mystery.  Beside the lake, there is a beach which tourists can play, especially in summer, tourists are attracted to spend their holidays, they can swim, play beach volleyball, and lay on the beach to enjoying the sea wind. What a comfortable time!  

Strolling down the soft beach, you can see a verdant mountain, there are several temples on this mountain, you also can climb the mountain to see the overall view of this scenic spot and this lake. Sometimes, seagulls soar beyond the lake, they are fascinated the beauty  so that they are not willing to leave.  Along with the road, a strange tree must attract your attention, you must wonder that why these two trees link together. In fact, these two trees only have a main root, one of them grew and extended its branch to the other side,  so the brawny branch rooted on the other side,. How miraculous nature it is! 

Passing by the mountain, we come to Bo Xiwan, why is it called “Bo Xiwan”? The reason is that there are no waves in here, this place can ease the waves. When you stand here, it seems that time is still and everything is at rest. Looking around us,  another mountain comes in sight, which is called “Jianshan mountain”, it is looked like a converting bell. 

Another mountain in Luchong is also famous, the mountain is shaped like a penholder, meandering handsome, straight into the sky. Thus, the mountain is called “Bijia mountain”. 

Absolutely, when you come to a new place, except for appreciating the beauty, the delicious food can’t be forgot.  The specialties in this place are copper pot fish, potato strew with rice in copper pot, the tantalizing aroma fills the air,  the exceptional delicacy hovers in the mouth, the moment I think of the delicious food, I can’t wait making my mouth water.

If  you live in the noisy city too long, if you stand too much working pressure, if you are craving for some fresh air, the Luchong scenic spot is a better place to go. After living several days here, the beautiful place enables us to face the life’s hardships with renewed heart.