Bon appétit at Henri2010 in Kunming

Henri 2010 sits in the rather old but quiet Shulin Street. It is not easy for new comers to recognise it as a private French style kitchen at the first glance. But when we entering into the second floor, we were surprised by its cozy yet romantic deco. Comparing with the 1100 year old Dongsi Pagoda nearby, Henri 2010 only lived in Kunming for just about seven years. 

It was in 2010, when French chef Philippe Henri traveling in Kunming with his wife Charlene, they fell in love with this history-laden yet energetic city instantly. Hence, they decided to create the brand “Henri2010” in Kunming. Henri is a graduate from Le Cordon Bleu, and an experienced French restaurant manager who shares his life with his wife Charlene, a wine taster in Kunming.

Today, Henri 2010 provides wine tasting, private dinning, live jazz concert and flower arrangement regularly in their Kunming base No. 71, Shulin Street

(photo credit: Henri2010)