Douhua Mixian (Rice Noodle with Bean Curd) in Kunming

Douhua Mixian (or rice noodle with bean curd) has been one of the recognised local snacks in Kunming for a really long time. Tourists would heard of the much well known Crossing the Bridge Rice Noodle with its stories and special cooking method, while Douhua Mixian, however, plays also a leading role on Kunming people’s dinning table. Its ingredients including a bowl of some boiled rice noodle, two spoonful of soft bean curd, some tasty pork chili sauce, and some chopped Chinese chives and some dried preserved cabbage and a pinch of salt and some sweet soy sauce. 

It could be found in most of the local restaurants in Kunming. And it is priced around 8 to 12 yuan for each in general. 

Chinese name: 豆花米线 (dou hua mi xian)