Xiaoguo Mixian or Rice noodle in Small Pot in Kunming

Xiaoguomixian literally means rice noodle cooked in a small pot. And it has been a major main course among local Kunmingers. Soft and white rice noodle, cooked with minced pork, some Chinese leek, and some local produced pickled vegetable warm local people and even visitors’ hearts from the very first bite. For those who’d live in Kunming a long time would call this simple dish “the taste of Kunming”.

What makes it so special then? Well, first, the rice noodle and other ingredients have to be cooked in a small copper pot, which has a long panhandle for the cook to hold it tightly and also to prevent the cook getting burnt by the pot. And one small pot could only make one bowl of Xiaoguomixian each time.

How to cook Xiaoguomixian at home

Put the rice noodle into a bowl of cold water to prevent them to get sticky in which case would loose the taste of rice noodle in its own way; cut up some Chinese leek into 3cm; chop up fine pork; Fill the copper pot with some broth (could be chicken broth or pork soup) and add the minced pork into the pot when it’s boiled, and to let them cook for about 2 minutes. And then put the chopped Chinese leek and pickled vegetable, some soy sauce, a pinch of salt, two drops of sesame oil into the pot. And add the rice noodle into the pot together cook with all the ingredients for another 3 minutes. Also you can add a spoonful of Yunnan fried pepper sauce to add some flavor.