Dazhen Qupi – Inheritor of Tibetan Guozhuang Dance in Shangri-la, Diqing 

Basic Information

Name: Dazhen Qupi(达珍区批), Inheritor of Tibetan Guozhuang Dance(藏族锅庄舞)
Sex: Male
Race: Tibetan Ethnic Minority
Birth: Born in 1931
Hometown: Liebu resident group of Xinlian Village, Dongwang Township, Shangri-la County, Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture(迪庆藏族自治州香格里拉县东旺乡新联村列布居民小组).

Guozhuang Dance

Guozhuang Dance(锅庄舞) of Dongwang Township(东旺乡) is unique in style. The lyrics are beautiful, the dance posture is solemn and steady, the step is simple and elegant. Once comes to New Year’s Day, festival, wedding or house building in the village, there would be an all-night Guozhuang dance.

Life Experience

Grandpa Wengmu(翁姆) and Grandma Dazhen Buchi(达珍布尺) are the village’s famous Guozhuang dancers and ceremony hosts. Under the guidance of grandpa and grandma, Dazhen Qupi(达珍区批) masters all kinds of dance styles of Guozhuang dance, sings more than 40 different tunes, and can also plays Eagle Bone Flute(鹰骨笛). He can host weeding, funeral, sacrifice and other activities. Formed his unique style and characteristics, Dazhen Qupi gained reputation in the local area, became a highly respected artist.


Many young and middle-aged people came to visit and learn from Dazhen Qupi. They are always warmly received and taught. Now there are more than 30 apprentices, such as Zhshi Peichu(扎史培楚), Duji Peichu(都吉培楚), Gerong Qilin(格茸七林), Niangnian(娘念), Lurong Wangdui(鲁茸旺堆), Shilu Niangnian(史律娘念), Buchi Niangniaan(布尺娘念), and Arong Qupi(阿茸区批), all over Dongwang(东旺), Gezan(格咱) and Jiantang Town(建塘镇). They have gradually grown into representatives of local Guozhuang Dance.

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Translated by Translated by Emily -Wang/王海玲